Liga Nacional B

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Liga Nacional B
Founded 2011
Number of teams 15
Level on pyramid 2
Promotion to Liga de Fútbol Profesional Boliviano
Current champions Universitario de Pando
(2013–14 Liga Nacional B)
Most championships Petrolero, Guabirá, Universitario de Pando (1 title)
Website Official Site
2014–15 Liga Nacional B

Liga Nacional B is the second tier of the Bolivian Football pyramid. The inaugural season is scheduled to last from August 6, 2011 until April 8, 2012. In 2012–13 will comprise the champions of the nine Bolivian Regional Leagues, two relegated teams from Liga Nacional A, the champions of Torneo Nacional Interprovincial and the top three of Copa Bolivia. The winners will be promoted to the Liga Nacional A, while the second placed will compete a promotion/relegation playoff with the 11th placed from Liga Nacional A.[1]

Teams will have to use at least one U-19 player throughout any match; likewise, the number of non-Bolivian players will be limited to a maximum of four players at any given point of a match.[2]

2015-16 Teams[edit]

Club Classification
Arauco Prado 2015 Copa Bolivia 2nd
Atlético San Borja Champions of Torneo Nacional Interprovincial
Aurora Cochabamba Championship
EM Huanuni Oruro Championship
Fancesa Chuquisaca Championship
García Agreda 2015 Copa Bolivia Semi-finalist
Guabirá Santa Cruz Championship
Mariscal Sucre Pando Championship
Quebracho 2015 Copa Bolivia Semi-finalist
Royal Pari 2015 Copa Bolivia Champions
Unión Maestranza La Paz Championship
Universitario de Tarija Tarija Championship
Universitario del Beni Beni Championship
Wilstermann Cooperativas Potosí Championship

2014-15 Teams[edit]

Club Classification
Aurora Relegated from 2013–14 Liga Nacional A
Guabirá Relegated from 2013–14 Liga Nacional A

List of Champions[edit]

Season Champion Runner-up Third Place
2011–12 Petrolero Destroyers Jorge Wilstermann
2012–13 Guabirá Sport Boys Ciclón
2013–14 Universitario de Pando Petrolero García Agreda
2014–15 Ciclón Atlético Bermejo Guabirá
2015–16 Guabirá Universitario del Beni