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The Liga Nacional Juvenil is the second level of the Spanish football league system for youth players 18 years old and under. It is administered by the RFEF and regional football federations. Currently the Liga Nacional has seventeen regional groups plus four groups from the autonomous region of the Canarias. Each Liga Nacional group has 16 to 18 teams with the winner (except for the 2nd or B teams) of each group promoted to the División de Honor and the last three placed teams are relegated to their respective regional group. The runners-up of the stronger groups are also promoted.

2016-17 Groups[edit]

Grupo Region Teams Promoted Relegated
I Galicia 18 2 3
II Asturias 18 1 3
III Castilla y León 16 1 3
IV País Vasco 16 2 3
V La Rioja 16 1 2
VI Aragón 18 1 4
VII Cataluña 18 2 4
VIII Comunidad Valenciana 18 2 4
IX Baleares 18 1 4
X Región de Murcia 18 1 4
XI Extremadura 16 1 4
XII Madrid 16 2 4
XIII Andalucía Oriental y Melilla 17+1 2 4
XIV Andalucía Occidental y Ceuta 15+1 2 4
XV Castilla-La Mancha 18 1 4
XVI Navarra 16 1 2
XVII Cantabria 18 1 2

note:: Beginning in the 2013–14 season, there is maximum of one team from Ceuta and Melilla in the División de Honor and one team each in the Liga Nacional. The top non-relegated team from Ceuta (Group14) and Melilla (Group13) are eligible for promotion to the División de Honor if there is an opening. A relegated team from the División de Honor will playoff with their respective Regional champion for a Liga Nacional position. If either region is unable to place a team in the División de Honor, then two teams from a region will be in the Liga Nacional.

Canarias Preferente[edit]

Region Teams Promoted Play-Off Relegated
Tenerife 19 1 2 4+1
La Palma 9 0 1 none
Gran Canaria 18 2 1 4
Lanzarote 15 0 1 1
Fuerteventura 14 0 1 none

Play-offs: Winners of Tenerife vs La Palma playoffs & Gran Canarias, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura playoffs promoted to División de Honor

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