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Tercera División de Paraguay (Third Division of Paraguay, in English), is the third division of Paraguayan football (soccer), and it is organized by the Paraguayan Football Association in the metropolitan area, and organized by the Unión del Fútbol del Interior, in the rest of the country, except Asunción and Central department.

The Paraguayan Third Division is divided into three leagues:

  • The Primera División B Metropolitana (disputed within Asunción and the Central Department).
  • The Primera División B Nacional (disputed by clubs in Paraguay's interior).
  • The Campeonato Nacional de Interligas (disputed by representative teams of each of the 17 departments of Paraguay with the exception of Asunción and the Central Department).

Primera B Nacional[edit]

The Primera División B Nacional tournament is being played since 2011. Teams from the all Paraguay's departament (except Asunción and Central department) take part in this third division league.

List of champions[edit]

Season Champion Runner-up Third place
2011 2 de Mayo Sol del Este 22 de Setiembre
2012 Liga Caacupeña Liga Concepcionera
2013 Deportivo Caaguazú Liga Ovetense
2014 Liga Ovetense (did not ascend, lost the inter-divisional play-off Liga Guaireña
2015 Liga Ovetense 22 de Septiembre

Primera División B: Metropolitana[edit]

The Primera División B (metropolitan tournament) is being played since 1939. Since that year, the number of teams, rules and names for the tournament have changed, but as of now it's called "Primera de Ascenso" and 16 teams take part.

Only teams from the Gran Asunción metropolitan area and Central Department take part in this third division league. Teams from all other parts of Paraguay that are not part of the Gran Asunción area play the Primera División B Nacional tournament in order to get promoted to the Paraguayan Division Intermedia.

The last champion is the 12 de Octubre Football Club from Itauguá (2012).

Campeonato Nacional de Interligas[edit]

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