Honduran Liga Nacional de Ascenso

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Liga Nacional de Ascenso de Honduras
Country Honduras Honduras
Confederation CONCACAF
Founded 17 December 1979; 37 years ago (1979-12-17)
Number of teams 32
Level on pyramid 2
Promotion to Liga Nacional
Relegation to Liga Mayor
Current champions Alianza Becerra
Website none
2016–17 Liga de Ascenso

Liga de Ascenso (Promotion League) is the second division of Honduran football; it was founded on 17 December 1979 as Segunda División (Second Division) and renamed Liga de Ascenso (Promotion League) on 21 July 2002.[1] The league is divided into 4 groups: Zona Norte y Atlántica (North and Atlantic Zone), Zona Norte y Occidente (North and West Zone), Zona Centro y Sur (Central and South Zone), Zona Sur y Oriente (South and East Zone). The top 2 teams of each group qualifies for the liguilla (play-offs). Each season is divided into two tournaments, apertura (opening) and clausura (closing). The champion of the opening and closing tournament, compete for the promotion to Liga Nacional de Fútbol de Honduras in a two-legged match.

Two teams are relegated to Liga Mayor de Futbol de Honduras. The last team of each group face off in a playoff (North vs North and South vs South).


From 1965 to 1979 the system of promotion to the Liga Nacional was ruled by the Extra-scholastic Sporting Federation of Honduras(Federación Deportiva Extraescolar de Honduras).[2] It was played in amateur form and the champion of the Central, Southern, and Oriental zone would play against the champion of the North Western zone. The Winner was promoted to the Liga Nacional. In the first tournament of the Liga Nacional there wasn't any promoted or relegated since it was a draft tournament.

It was until 1980 when the second division was founded which nowadays it's called Liga Nacional de Ascenso de Honduras (National Promotion League of Honduras).

In that season, the league didn't have any relegated team since the players of the Honduras national football team needed to be in training at full-time. From the year on, the rules have been applied and there have been many promoted and relegated teams.

From 2004 on the league was split into two seasons, apertura (opening) and clausura (closing). Promotion is decided by a two-legged match between apertura and clausura champion. In the case of the same team being champion in both tournaments, promotion is automatic.

In 2006 Hispano was relegated from first division but they bought Valencia's category in the league; this situation has occurred with other teams. In 2002 Victoria were relegated but acquired Honduras Salzburg's spot.

In 2009 Atletico Gualala earned promotion but decided to merge with that year's relegated club, Real Juventud and kept their history. In 2003 Real Maya merged with Patepluma to form Real Patepluma.

2016-17 clubs[edit]

Clubs from Zona Litoral Atlántica[edit]

Clubs from Zona Occidental[edit]

Teams from Zona Norte y Valle de Sula[edit]

Teams from Zona Centro, Sur y Oriente[edit]


  • From 1966 to present.[3]
  • Segunda División (1966–2002). Liga de Ascenso (2002–).
  • Up until 2004, champions were awarded automatic promotion.
  • Apertura and Clausura format established since 2004.
Season Champion Runner-up Semifinalists
1966–67 Atlético Indio Victoria
1967–68 Victoria Federal
1968–69 Lempira Broncos
1969–70 Verdún San Pedro
1970–71 Troya Lenca
1971–72 Universidad Victoria
1972–73 Cancelled
1973 Federal San Pedro
1974 Atlántida Salamar
1975 Campamento Lenca
1976 Victoria Curacao
1977 Tiburones Alianza
1978–79 Portuario Federal
1979 Atlético Fusep Juventud Ribereña
1980 Independiente Curacao
1981 Dandy Super Estrella
1982 Platense Curacao
1983 Sula Independiente
1984 Tela Timsa Atlético Independiente
1985 E.A.C.I. Curacao
1986 Universidad Lempira Hermacasa
1987–88 Curacao Tela Timsa
1988 Súper Estrella Modernic
1989–90 Tela Timsa Universidad
1990–91 Atlético Indio Palestino
1991–92 Real Maya Sitra Acensa
1992–93 Deportes Progreseño Palestino
1993–94 Broncos Universidad
1994–95 Independiente Nacional
1995–96 Universidad Atlético Independiente Atlético Nacional Halcón Terrazos
1996–97 Atlético Indio Halcón Terrazos
1997–98 Alianza Real Sociedad
1998–99 Federal Atlético Melgar
1999–2000 Deportes Savio Palestino
2000–01 Real Maya Real Comayagua Atlético Independiente Real Sociedad
2001–02 Honduras Salzburg Parrillas One Atlético Olanchano Real Sociedad
2002–03 Atlético Olanchano Deportes Savio Social Sol Municipal Valencia
2003–04 Municipal Valencia Hispano Atlético Independiente Atlético Esperanzano
2004–05 A Deportes Savio Social Sol Arsenal Deportes Concepción
2004–05 C Hispano Deportes Savio
2005–06 A Atlético Olanchano Juticalpa Tulín
2005–06 C Lenca Real Juventud Olimpia B Atlético Olanchano
2006–07 A Deportes Savio Arsenal Real Juventud Lenca
2006–07 C Arsenal Cruz Azul Atlético Esperanzano Deportes Savio
2007–08 A Real Juventud Arsenal Unión Ájax Olimpia Occidental
2007–08 C Real Juventud Social Sol Motagua B Olimpia B
2008–09 A Atlético Gualala Municipal Silca Unión Ájax Necaxa
2008–09 C Necaxa Social Sol Olimpia Occidental Atlético Olanchano
2009–10 A Necaxa Atlético Choloma Social Sol Olimpia Occidental
2009–10 C Necaxa Atlético Independiente Atlético Choloma Real Juventud
2010–11 A Parrillas One Yoro Atlético Municipal Atlético Esperanzano
2010–11 C Atlético Choloma Real Sociedad Yoro Atlético Municipal
2011–12 A Real Sociedad Atlético Municipal Hispano Parrillas One
2011–12 C Parrillas One Real Sociedad Juticalpa Jaguares UPNFM
2012–13 A Juticalpa Atlético Municipal Yoro Honduras Progreso
2012–13 C Parrillas One Yoro Jaguares UPNFM Juticalpa
2013–14 A Honduras Progreso Atlético Choloma
2013–14 C Honduras Progreso Juticalpa
2014–15 A Juticalpa Jaguares UPNFM Atlético Municipal Villanueva or Social Sol
2014–15 C Juticalpa Atlético Independiente Atlético Limeño
2015–16 A Social Sol Deportes Savio
2015–16 C Alianza Becerra Parrillas One Social Sol Lepaera
2016–17 A Lepaera Yoro Gimnástico Tela
2016–17 C UPNFM Villanueva Lepaera Olancho


In 2004 the league format was changed into short tournaments splitting the season into two separate tournaments, apertura (opening) and clausura (closing). Promotion was decided by a two-legged final until 2012, and is now contested in a single match between apertura champion and clausura champion. In the case that a same team is crowned champion both apertura and clausura, promotion is awarded automatically to said team.

Season Promoted Opponent
2004–05 Hispano Deportes Savio
1st leg: Hispano 0–0 Deportes Savio; 2nd leg: Deportes Savio 0–0 Hispano; Hispano 3–2 on penalties.
2005–06 Atlético Olanchano Lenca
1st leg: Lenca 1–0 Atlético Olanchano; 2nd leg: Atlético Olanchano 3–1 Lenca.
2006–07 Deportes Savio Arsenal
Deportes Savio 1–0 Arsenal on aggregate.
2007–08 Real Juventud n/a
As champions of both Apertura and Clausura tournaments, Real Juventud were automatically promoted.
2008–09 Atlético Gualala Necaxa
1st leg: Necaxa 1–1 Atlético Gualala; 2nd leg: Atlético Gualala 1–0 Necaxa. Atletico Gualala was purchased and merged with that year's relegated team, Real Juventud.
2009–10 Necaxa n/a
As champions of both Apertura and Clausura tournaments, Necaxa were automatically promoted.
2010–11 Atlético Choloma Parrillas One
1st leg: Parrillas One 1–1 Atlético Choloma; 2nd leg: Atlético Choloma 1–0 Parrillas One.
2011–12 Real Sociedad Parrillas One
1st leg: Parrillas One 0–0 Real Sociedad; 2nd leg: Real Sociedad 2–0 Parillas One.
2012–13 Parrillas One Juticalpa
Parrillas One 1–1 Juticalpa (5–4 on penalty shoot-outs).
2013–14 Honduras n/a
As champions of both Apertura and Clausura tournaments, Honduras were automatically promoted.
2014–15 Juticalpa n/a
As champions of both Apertura and Clausura tournaments, Juticalpa were automatically promoted.
2015–16 Social Sol Alianza Becerra
Social Sol 1–1 Alianza de Becerra (7–6 on penalty shoot-outs).
2016–17 UPNFM Lepaera
Lepaera 0–1 UPNFM.


In the current system, the last team of each group of the region play on a playoff.


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