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LightCMS logo.png
Type of businessPrivate
HeadquartersOklahoma City, OK
Area servedWorldwide
OwnerNetSuite Inc.
IndustryWeb content management system
Employees2400 (as of July 2014)[1]

LightCMS is a Web-based software platform used to build Web sites like online stores.


LightCMS is a "light" content management platform without having a lot of features. It is used to manage content and build web pages. The content of a page is kept in modules that can be dragged and dropped, which makes editing of the page easy.[2] The product may be used free, if the accessing users of the account, the controllable number of pages and the required storage is little.[2] LightCMS makes it possible to add custom elements to pages or modules.

Advantages: LightCMS is quick and easy to use. It provides several tools to do eCommerce, blogs, analytics and several other capabilities. It does not require you to download any software because it works as a cloud based or hosted service. It provides two options for creating websites; either by using an in-built template or by creating your own templates.

Disadvantages: It lacks a built-in export option so it is not very helpful in letting you move to a full-featured CMS. It is best suited to simple sites that need to be created quickly by someone with very limited knowledge of website creation who doesn’t need complex features. Pricing is based on the number of products and pages you have on your site. The smallest account will cost $19 per month and includes 10 pages. For $99 per month, you can have unlimited pages and products on the site.

The key features of the product are as follows:[3]

  • Automatic and free upgrades
  • Blogs, podcasts, and RSS feeds are available
  • Cloud hosting
  • Customer support
  • Drag-and-drop content editing and form builder
  • Has a design editor
  • Instant setup and a free trial
  • Multi-website management
  • Search engine tools
  • Supports Facebook open graph integration
  • Supports secure website access
  • Website and eCommerce features with a complete eCommerce solution

Although there exists a free trial, usage of the platform is not free. The platform is designed for Web designers who make websites.[3]


It is possible to build a web page using a free package to decide whether or not the platform fits the purpose. The tools do not require an experienced user and are easy to use.[4] Using forms, it is easy to embed payment functions into it.[4]

LightCMS has the ability to manage settings on a page or side basis. Changing access permission, CSS content, meta data, or SSL encryption is all done over the page settings. Creation of custom templates is also supported. Designs can be loaded as templates, using the design library, or by custom designs made for the page by developers of LightCMS. Also, the platform enables to set up and build clients for each LightCMS site.[4]

Pros and cons[edit]

The pros and cons for this platform are[4]

  1. Large library available
  2. Easy-to-use tools
  3. Is fast and can be used intuitively.
  4. Not expensive
  5. The form builder has integrated payments.
  1. Not open-source
  2. Free of charge usage only for a trial period


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