Light & Day

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"Light & Day"
Single by The Polyphonic Spree
from the album The Beginning Stages of...
Released February 10, 2003
Recorded October 2000
Genre Pop
Length 3:03
Songwriter(s) Tim DeLaughter

"Light & Day", also known as "Section 9 (Light & Day/Reach for the Sun)", is a single from The Beginning Stages of... by The Polyphonic Spree.

The song has been used several times in popular culture - once in an episode of Scrubs, once in an episode of Undone, the documentary Murderball, an episode of Chuck, in advertisements for the supermarket Sainsbury's, an episode of Las Vegas where The Polyphonic Spree plays it, as well as the theme song in the trailer for the 2012 film adaptation of Dr.Seuss' The Lorax. It was most recently featured in an episode of Girlboss on Netflix. In April 2010, research conducted by PRS for Music revealed that the song was the most performed in UK Television advertising.[1]

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind DVD includes a music video for the song, featuring scenes from the movie altered so that both the main actors (Carrey and Winslet), as well as various inanimate background elements of the movie (a brain scan, a plate of vegetables, a house), appear to be lip-syncing to the song. In the 2017 movie Wonder, a brief portion of the song is heard during the graduation ceremony.


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