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The Light Cavalry HAC at their Annual Inspection at Windsor 2005
The Light Cavalry HAC Tent Pegging at Windsor 2005

The Light Cavalry HAC originally was formed in 1861 as part of the Honourable Artillery Company a volunteer military unit associated with the City of London. In 1891 they were disbanded and absorbed into the rapidly expanding horse artillery element of the Regiment, eventually becoming part of 'A' Battery HAC.

Current incarnation[edit]

In 1979 the Light Cavalry was reformed, as a civilian organisation, chiefly due to the enthusiasm of Major Gerald Flint-Shipman, an officer in the Territorial Army Royal Green Jackets and non-regimental member of the HAC, who became its first commander. Membership of the light cavalry is open to both Regimental and Non-Regimental Members of the HAC[1] and those wishing to join may be proposed for membership on that basis[2] if they have previous military service elsewhere.

In April 2004, as the celebration of twenty five years since reforming, the Captain General of the Honourable Artillery Company, Queen Elizabeth II, was pleased to inspect the HAC Light Cavalry in Review, at Windsor, and afterwards presented a Royal Warrant[3] enacting their rights and responsibilities. This includes the right to wear badges of qualification and achievement, but not rank, earned in Her Majesty's service.

They escort the Lady Mayoress, providing her ‘Travelling Escort’ at the Lord Mayor's Show. A dismounted ‘Carpet Guard’ lines the entrance to the Royal Courts of Justice to ‘protect’ the Lord Mayor’s coach whilst the Pikemen are otherwise engaged inside on the same occasion.[4]


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  2. ^ "HAC Journal Article, Spring 2006". Light Cavalry HAC Website. If you are not yet a member of the Company, but have previous military service elsewhere, we look at you for about six months, and then, if suitable, make recommendations to the Court to the effect that the candidate is suitable for Non Regimental Membership of the Company, and then you can also join the Light Cavalry.
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