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Light Chaser Animation Studios
FoundedMarch 2013 (2013-03)
FounderGary Wang

Light Chaser Animation Studios is a Chinese CG animation film studio based in Beijing, China. The studio was founded in early 2013 by Gary Wang, the founder and ex-CEO of the popular Chinese video sharing website


In an interview with the Wall Street Journal on March 12, 2013,[1] Gary Wang announced Light Chaser Animation, a movie studio to produce animated feature films targeting the rapidly growing Chinese movie market, which grew by 30% in 2012[2] and is widely expected to overtake the U.S. market in size by 2020.[3] He cited the lack of quality domestically produced animation content, a rapidly growing domestic market, and improving environment for movie distribution, promotion and copyrights in China as the main reasons behind his decision.

Light Chaser's website states that its main goal is to "create world-class animated films".[4]


Little Door Gods[edit]

In March 2015, Light Chaser announced that its first movie, Little Door Gods, will be released in January 2016.[5] A modern-day story, the movie will be about two Door Gods facing unemployment in the spirit world, as ever fewer humans believe in spirits. One of the spirits ventures into the human world to make trouble in order to prove his value, leading to unexpected encounters and transformations.[6]

Animation industry insiders have given the 90-second trailer positive ratings and described it as "on par with the major world [animation] players."[7]

The movie has previously been translated to English as "Door Guardians."

White Snake[edit]

Light Chaser's second feature film, White Snake, is a co-production with American studio Warner Bros.. Warner Bros. has rights in China and is credited as a co-producer due to its significant involvement in the creation of the film. The studio is in negotiations for distribution rights in other major territories.[8]

In the United States and Canada, GKIDS has licensed the film for a fall release, in both Mandarin with English subtitles and an English-language dub.[9]


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