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Looking south-west from Currie Street
Looking north from Waymouth Street during a 2008 drought season showing severely burnt grass.
A photograph of Light Square Adelaide showing the Colonel Light Hotel uploaded by the State Library of South Australia.

Light Square also known as Wauwi is one of five squares in the City of Adelaide.[1] Located in the centre of the north-western quarter of the Adelaide city centre, the Square is named after the city's planner, Colonel William Light.


Light Square was included by Colonel Light on the 1836 survey 'Plan of Adelaide'.[2] The square was named after Colonel Light by the street naming committee in 1837[2]

When Colonel Light died on 5 October 1839 he was buried in Light Square and a monument consisting of a red granite obelisk topped with a surveyor's theodolite was used to mark the grave.[2][3]

The Square is divided into a number of sections separated by roads. Waymouth Street (runs east-west) forms the Southern boundary of the Square. Currie Street (east-west) divides the southern two-thirds of the square from the northern third. Morphett Street (north-south) splits into dual-carriageway and encircles the square.

In the largest southern section, (nearly two-thirds of the Square), there is also a bronze statue of Catherine Helen Spence in the southwest corner of this southern section, and an artistic structure on the western edge.

There is another artistic structure in the middle of the northern third of the Square. "Knot" (1975) by Bert Flugelman[4]


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Coordinates: 34°55′30″S 138°35′37″E / 34.9251°S 138.5936°E / -34.9251; 138.5936