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The Light of Latgale (Latvian: Latgales Gaisma) is a Latgalian regionalist political party in Latvia.

The Light of Latgale is based in the city of Daugavpils and is led by Daugavpils businessman Rihards Eigims. The party won 2001 municipal elections in Daugavpils, with Eigims becoming city's mayor. Eigims was the mayor until 2003 when he lost a confidence vote in the city council, after several city council members defecting from The Light of Latgale. The Light of Latgale is currently the main opposition party in Daugavpils city council.

The party has been less successful outside Daugavpils. It holds one seat on the city council of Krāslava and has failed to win seats in municipal elections elsewhere in Latgale. At the legislative elections on 5 October 2002, the party won 1.6% of the popular vote and no seats.