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Lighthouse Digest
Editor Tim Harrison
Frequency Eleven issues per year
First issue May, 1992
Company Foghorn Publishing
Country United States
Based in East Machias, Maine
Language English

Lighthouse Digest is a specialty magazine for lighthouse and maritime history enthusiasts published in East Machias, Maine. Launched in May, 1992, by FogHorn Publishing, it is dedicated to preserving lighthouse history, current and yesteryear, for future generations.


Coverage includes historic and current lighthouse events and an events calendar for lighthouse activities around the United States and elsewhere. They publish a "Doomsday List" of Endangered lighthouses, and have helped save a number of at-risk lighthouses.

They have been credited with uncovering many parts of lighthouse history that had been unknown, or which were thought to have been lost.

Each issue carries articles and unusual lighthouse-related stories that, for the most part, cannot be found elsewhere, and many photos, historic and contemporary.


Lighthouse Digest has subscribers in all 50 United States and 17 other nations. Currently it publishes eleven issues a year. The editor is Tim Harrison; the Managing editor is Kathleen Finnegan.

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