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Lighting & Sound America
LSA Cover.jpg
Editor-in-chief David Barbour
Categories Entertainment Technology Magazines
Frequency monthly
Circulation 14,096[1]
First issue May 2004
Company PLASA Media Inc
Country USA
ISSN 1552-1273

Lighting & Sound America is an American entertainment technology magazine published in New York City by PLASA Media Inc, a commercial arm of the Professional Lighting and Sound Association (PLASA). Lighting & Sound America covers the broad range of the entertainment, presentation and events industries worldwide, including theatre, live touring, clubs, themed venues, corporate events and presentations, as well as in-depth profiles of people and companies involved in the lighting and sound industry.[2][3]


Lighting & Sound America was launched in May 2004 in New York City, where it is still based now, under the editor-in-chief David Barbour,[4] as a monthly magazine to the lighting and sound industries.

It is the sister magazine to Lighting & Sound International,[5] and has a page count of over 100 pages.

The magazine has collaborated with other large organisations within the industry on a number of different projects, such as the 2007 Staged Events Award[6][7] and the 2005 InfoComm trade show in Las Vegas[8] and has become a valuable resource for people working in the industry.[9]


Lighting & Sound America is circulated to 17,000 subscribers each month, the vast majority of which are in North America.[10]


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