Lights in the Night

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Lights In The Night
Flash And The Pan - Lights In The Night CD album cover.jpg
Studio album by Flash and the Pan
Released 1980
Label Ensign
Flash and the Pan chronology
Flash and the Pan
Lights in the Night

Lights in the Night was Flash and the Pan's 1980 album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Media Man"
  2. "Headhunter"
  3. "Restless"
  4. "Welcome To The Universe"
  5. "Make Your Own Cross"
  6. "Lights In The Night"
  7. "Let The Captain Beware"
  8. "Atlantis Calling"


  • Harry Vanda - producer, guitar, vocals
  • George Young - producer, synthesizer, lead vocals
  • Les Karski - bass
  • Warren Morgan - piano
  • Ray Arnott - drums
  • Jack Skinner - mastering
  • Colin Freeman - mixing
  • Gene Grief - album artwork
  • Janet Perr - album artwork


  • The "Lights In the Night" album cover artwork features a comic book like illustration of a boy seeing a die fly by. On the three visible sides of the die are American Sign Language (AmSLan) hand signs for "U", "F", and "O" spelling "UFO".
  • If you hold the album cover under a light source, you can not only actually see the front and back covers of the first Flash And The Pan album, you can even read the liner notes.