Ligue Haïtienne

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Ligue Haïtienne
Digicel Championnat Haitien.png
Number of teams18
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toDivision 2
Domestic cup(s)Coupe d'Haïti
Trophée des Champions
International cup(s)CFU Club Championship
CONCACAF Champions League
Current championsViolette AC (7th title)
(2020 Ouverture)
Most championshipsRacing CH (14 titles)
TV partnersCanal+
Current: 2020–21 Ligue Haïtienne

Ligue Haïtienne (French pronunciation: ​[liɡ ajisjɛ̃n]; Haitian League), is a Haitian professional league, governed by the Haitian Football Federation, for association football clubs. It is the country's primary football competition and serves as the top division of the Haitian football league system. Contested by 18 clubs, it operates on a system of promotion and relegation with Division 2.

Clubs also compete against continental rivals in the CONCACAF Champions League.



It was created in 1937 and is headed by the Fédération Haïtienne de Football, the official governing body of football in the country. The champion and runner-up teams of the league's tournaments qualify to participate in the CONCACAF Champions League from the first round of the CFU Club Championship. 20 teams participate in this league and compete for the national title. Racing CH, with 14 national titles, is the most successful club in the league to date.[1]


Members for 2020–21[edit]

The following 18 clubs compete in the 2020–21 season.

Previous winners[edit]

Since 2002 (with the exception of 2012 and 2013), the league has employed a two-stage season with separate champions for both stages, a system found in many Latin American countries. In French-speaking Haiti, "O" stands for Ouverture (opening), corresponding to the Spanish Apertura, and "F" stands for Fermeture or "C" stands for Clôture (closing), corresponding to the Spanish Clausura.[1][2]

Year Winner City
1937–38 Racing CH Port-au-Prince
1939 Violette AC Port-au-Prince
1940 Hatüey Bacardi Club Port-au-Prince
1941 Racing CH Port-au-Prince
1942 Etoile Haïtienne Port-au-Prince
1943 Arsenal FC Port-au-Prince
1944 Etoile Haïtienne Port-au-Prince
1945 Hatüey Bacardi Club Port-au-Prince
1946 Racing CH Port-au-Prince
1947 Racing CH Port-au-Prince
1948 Excelsior AC Port-au-Prince
1949 championship interrupted
1950 Excelsior AC Port-au-Prince
1951 Excelsior AC Port-au-Prince
1952–53 Aigle Noir AC Port-au-Prince
1953–54 Racing CH Port-au-Prince
1954 no championship
1955 Aigle Noir AC Port-au-Prince
1956 Jeunesse Pétion-Ville Pétion-Ville
1957 Violette AC Port-au-Prince
1958 Racing CH Port-au-Prince
1961 Etoile Haïtienne Port-au-Prince
1962 Racing CH Port-au-Prince
1963 Racing CH Port-au-Prince
1964–65 not held
1966 Racing CH Port-au-Prince
1967 Racing CH Port-au-Prince
1968 Violette AC Port-au-Prince
1969 Racing CH Port-au-Prince
1970 Aigle Noir AC Port-au-Prince
1971 Don Bosco FC Pétion-Ville
1972–82 not held
1983 Violette AC Port-au-Prince
1984–87 not held
Championnat National
1987–88 Aigle Rouge des Gonaïves Gonaïves
1988–89 FICA Cap-Haïtien
1989–90 FICA Cap-Haïtien
1990–91 FICA Cap-Haïtien
1991–92 discontinued
1992–93 Tempête FC Saint-Marc
1993–94 FICA Cap-Haïtien
1994–95 Violette AC Port-au-Prince
1996 Racing FC Gonaïves
1997 AS Capoise Cap-Haïtien
1998 FICA Cap-Haïtien
1999 Violette AC Port-au-Prince
2000 Racing CH Port-au-Prince
2001 FICA Cap-Haïtien
2002 O Roulado FC La Gonâve
2002 F Racing CH Port-au-Prince
2003 O Don Bosco FC Pétion-Ville
2003 F Roulado FC La Gonâve
2004 not held
2004–05 O AS Mirebalais Mirebalais
2004–05 F Baltimore SC Saint-Marc
2005–06 O Baltimore SC Saint-Marc
2005–06 F Aigle Noir AC Port-au-Prince
2007 O Baltimore SC Saint-Marc
2007 F Cavaly AS Léogâne
2008 O Tempête FC Saint-Marc
2008 F Racing FC Gonaïves
2009 O Tempête FC Saint-Marc
2009 F Racing CH Port-au-Prince
2010 O Tempête FC Saint-Marc
2010 C Victory SC Port-au-Prince
2011 O Baltimore SC Saint-Marc
2011 C Tempête FC Saint-Marc
2012 Valencia FC Léogâne
2013 AS Mirebalais Mirebalais
2014 O America FC Cayes
2014 C Don Bosco FC Pétion-Ville
2015 O Don Bosco FC Pétion-Ville
2015 C FICA Cap-Haïtien
2016 O Racing FC Gonaïves
2016 C FICA Cap-Haïtien
2017 O Real Hope FA Cap-Haïtien
2017 C AS Capoise Cap-Haïtien
2018 O AS Capoise Cap-Haïtien
2018 C Don Bosco FC Pétion-Ville
2019 O Arcahaie FC Arcahaie
2019 C abandoned due to civil unrest
2020 O abandoned due to Covid-19
2020 C cancelled due to transition to fall/spring rhythm
2020–21 O Violette AC Port-au-Prince
2020–21 C abandoned

Performance By Club[edit]

Club City Titles Last Title
Racing CH Port-au-Prince 14 2009 F
FICA Cap-Haïtien 8 2016 C
Violette AC Port-au-Prince 7 2020–21 O
Tempête FC Saint-Marc 5 2011 C
Don Bosco FC Pétion-Ville 5 2018 C
Baltimore SC Saint-Marc 4 2011 O
Aigle Noir AC Port-au-Prince 4 2005–06 F
Etoile Haïtienne Port-au-Prince 3 1944
Excelsior AC Port-au-Prince 3 1951
Racing FC Gonaïves 3 2016 O
AS Capoise Cap-Haïtien 3 2018 O
AS Mirebalais Mirebalais 2 2013
Hatüey Bacardi Club Port-au-Prince 2 1945
Roulado FC La Gonâve 2 2003 F
America FC Cayes 1 2014 O
Arcahaie FC Arcahaie 1 2019 O
Arsenal FC Port-au-Prince 1 1943
Cavaly AS Léogâne 1 2007 F
Jeunesse Pétion-Ville Pétion-Ville 1 1956
Real Hope FA Cap-Haïtien 1 2017 O
Victory SC Port-au-Prince 1 2010 C
Valencia FC Léogâne 1 2012
Aigle Rouge des Gonaïves Gonaïves 1 1988

Top scorers[edit]

Year Name Team Goals
1999 Haiti Golman Pierre FICA 19
2001 Haiti Golman Pierre FICA 24
2002 Haiti Jean-Robert Menelas Roulado FC 16
2005–06 Haiti Roscaldo Jérémie AS Mirebalais 10
2008 Haiti Ricardo Charles Victory SC 12
2019 Haiti Elyvens Déjean Don Bosco FC 8
2020 Haiti André Amy
Haiti Elyvens Déjean
AS Cavaly
Don Bosco FC

Media coverage[edit]

The Haitian Football Federation has an exclusive broadcasting agreement with French premium pay TV channel, Canal+. The agreement was made official on 7 March 2016, a five-year deal to start at the end of April, 2016. However the financial details are not disclosed. The deal includes coverage and live broadcasts; 15 matches of its choice for the 2016 season as well as interviews before and after each match.[3][4][5]

Canal+ Haiti, a subsidiary, offers three packages to view games domestically.[4]

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