Ligue Magnus

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Ligue Magnus
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2016–17 Ligue Magnus season
Ligue Magnus logo 2016.png
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 1906
No. of teams 12
Country France
Most recent
Rouen Dragons
Most titles Chamonix (30)
Official website

Ligue Magnus is the current name for the top men's division of the French ice hockey pyramid, established in 1906. Unusually, the entire division bears the name of a person, Frenchman and IIHF founder Louis Magnus.

The league actually took its name from its pre-existing championship trophy, the Magnus Cup, in 2004. From the 2016–17 season, the league is officially known as Saxoprint Ligue Magnus, due to a sponsorship deal with Saxoprint, the online printing subsidiary of German conglomerate Cewe.


12 teams play a 44-game regular season. The schedule is fully balanced and there are no geographic conferences.
The top 8 teams qualify for the Magnus Cup playoffs, with all series contested in a best-of-seven format. The remaining 4 teams play a 6-game round-robin, at the end of which the last-place team is relegated.
The Magnus Cup champions qualify for the following season's Champions Hockey League.

Import rule[edit]

Game night rosters must include at least 11 players who have spent 3 or more years in the French hockey system before the age of 21.
French citizenship itself is not a requirement to qualify for non-import status, as long as the player meets the above criteria. Conversely, a citizen of France who was fully trained in a foreign country will count as an import regardless of his French citizenship.

Level of play[edit]

The Ligue Magnus is considered a mid-tier European league. The International Ice Hockey Federation ranks it below the Central European Erste Bank Eishockey Liga or the Norwegian league, but ahead of the Dutch and British leagues.



Select games from the regular season and championship series are broadcast on L'Equipe.

Internet streaming[edit]

All league games can be watched online in their entirety, live or delayed, for a monthly subscription fee of approximately €8. The service is managed by Finnish company Fanseat.

Video game[edit]

Hockey Dangles '16: Saxoprint Magnus Edition, an arcade-style mobile video game based on the league, has been released for Android and iOS devices.[1] Its launch coincided with the opening of the 2016-17 season.

Outdoor games[edit]

On December 22, 2013, Grenoble and Briançon played an outdoor regular season game at Stade des Alpes, the home of former Ligue 1 soccer club GF38. A sellout attendance of 19,767 set a league record.
Another outdoor game took place on December 30, 2016, when Lyon hosted Grenoble at Parc OL, the home field of seven-time Ligue 1 champions Olympique Lyonnais. The event drew a heavily papered 25,182 fans, which was nonetheless touted as a new record.[2]

2016/17 Teams[edit]

Ligue Magnus game in 2007
2004-13 logo
2013-16 logo
Team City Arena Founded
Gothiques Amiens Coliséum 1967
Ducs Angers Patinoire du Haras 1982
Boxers Bordeaux Patinoire de Mériadeck 1999
Pionniers Chamonix-Morzine Centre Sportif Richard Bozon, Chamonix
Škoda Arena, Morzine
Ducs Dijon Patinoire Trimolet 1969
GamYo Épinal Patinoire de Poissompré 1997
Rapaces Gap Alp'Arena 1937
Brûleurs de Loups Grenoble Patinoire Pole Sud 1963
Lions Lyon Patinoire Charlemagne 1953
Aigles Nice Patinoire Jean Bouin 1969
Dragons Rouen Patinoire de l'Île Lacroix 1982
Etoile Noire Strasbourg Patinoire Iceberg 2000
Teams currently participating in the Ligue Magnus

Former teams[edit]

Defunct teams[edit]

Previous winners[edit]

  • 1907 : SC Lyon
  • 1908 : Patineurs de Paris
  • 1912 : Patineurs de Paris
  • 1913 : Patineurs de Paris
  • 1914 : Patineurs de Paris
  • 1920 : Skating Club Paris
  • 1921 : Sports d'Hiver Paris
  • 1922 : Sports d'Hiver Paris
  • 1923 : Chamonix
  • 1925 : Chamonix
  • 1926 : Chamonix
  • 1927 : Chamonix
  • 1929 : Chamonix
  • 1930 : Chamonix
  • 1931 : Chamonix
  • 1932 : Stade Français Paris
  • 1933 : Stade Français Paris
  • 1934 : Rapides de Paris
  • 1935 : Stade Français Paris
  • 1936 : Français Volants Paris
  • 1937 : Français Volants Paris
  • 1938 : Français Volants Paris
  • 1939 : Chamonix
  • 1942 : Chamonix
  • 1944 : Chamonix
  • 1946 : Chamonix
  • 1949 : Chamonix
  • 1950 : Racing Club de Paris
  • 1951 : Racing Club de Paris

Titles by team[edit]

Pl Team Titles
1 HC Chamonix 30
2 HC Rouen 14
3 Club de Patineurs de Paris 7
4 HC Saint-Gervais 6
5 CSG Grenoble 4
  Français Volants Paris 4
7 AC Boulogne-Billancourt Paris 3
  Stade Français Paris 3
  HC Gap 3
10 HC Brest 2
  HC Mont-Blanc 2
  Racing Club de Paris 2
  Sports d'Hiver Paris 2
  HC Reims 2
  HC Amiens Somme 2
16 HC Megève 1
  SP Lyon 1
  SC Lyon 1
  ASG Tours 1
  Ice Skating Club Paris 1
  Paris Université Club 1
  Rapides de Paris 1
  ASG Mulhouse 1
  Briançon 1


Notable players[edit]

In addition, Bob Gainey (Montreal Canadiens) and Brian Propp (Philadelphia Flyers) have played in the second tier of French hockey.


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