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Lihapiirakka ("meat pie") filled with mincemeat and rice
Place of originFinland
Main ingredientsmeat, rice
VariationsMöttönen, atomi, vety

A lihapiirakka (literally "meat pie") is an everyday Finnish food sold in supermarkets and often available ready-to-eat as street food. It is a form of savoury pie or turnover made from doughnut dough and filled with a mixture of minced meat and cooked rice and cooked by deep frying. It does not resemble a traditional English or American meat pie or turnover because it is made of doughnut mix and is deep fried.[citation needed] They are usually bought ready cooked and are simply reheated in a microwave oven.

A larger and thicker form is also known as a möttönen. Two Karelian variants are atomi and vety ("atom" and "hydrogen"), where atomi contains either ham or egg, and vety includes both.

Traditionally the pastry is eaten whole. A contemporary way to have them is to split it in half and fill it with a frankfurter or some other type of sausage, or with kebab meat or some form of meat burger. They are generally served with ketchup, mustard and a relish similar to Bostongurka.

The term lihapiirakka may also be used for a large rectangular turnover.[1]

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