Liiva, Muhu Parish

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Muhu St. Catherine's Church
Liiva is located in Estonia
Location in Estonia
Coordinates: 58°36′20″N 23°14′14″E / 58.60556°N 23.23722°E / 58.60556; 23.23722Coordinates: 58°36′20″N 23°14′14″E / 58.60556°N 23.23722°E / 58.60556; 23.23722
Country Estonia
County Saare County
Municipality Muhu Parish
First mentioned 1267
 • Total 1.5 km2 (0.6 sq mi)
Population (01.01.2012[1])
 • Total 189
 • Density 130/km2 (330/sq mi)

Liiva is a village on the Estonian island Muhu. It is the administrative centre of Muhu Parish in Saare County and also is the largest village in the municipality with a population of 189 (as of 1 January 2012).[1] Liiva is situated in the heart of the island by the main road (segment of the RistiKuressaare road, nr 10).

Liiva is the location of the Early Gothic Muhu St. Catherine's Church from the 13th century.

Not far from the church there is a rectory from 1832, where a famous physiologist, founder of the coagulation theory Alexander Schmidt was born.[2]

Liiva is home to the Muhu Primary School with about 100 puplis. There's also a library, supermarket (Konsum), post office and a pharmacy in the village.



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