Lijiang–Xamgyi'nyilha Railway

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The Lijiang–Xamgyi'nyilha Railway or Lixiang Railway (simplified Chinese: 丽香铁路; traditional Chinese: 麗香鐵路; pinyin: lìxiāng tiělù), is a railroad under construction in Yunnan Province of Southwest China, due to be completed in 2020. The shorthand name of the line is named after its two proposed terminal cities, Lijiang and Xamgyi'nyilha County, romanized in Chinese as Xianggelila.

The line is slated to run 139 km (86 mi) from Lijiang, the rail head of the Dali-Lijiang Railway, north to Xamgyi'nyilha in northwestern Yunnan.[1] Despite approval of the project's feasibility plans by the National Development and Reform Commission in May 2009, construction did not begin until July 22 2014.[2] Construction is expected to require six years.[2]

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