Like Light to the Flies

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"Like Light to the Flies"
Single by Trivium
from the album Ascendancy
Released January 2005
Format CD
Genre Metalcore
Length 5:40
Label Roadrunner Records
Songwriter(s) Matt Heafy, Corey Beaulieu
Producer(s) Jason Suecof
Trivium singles chronology
"'Like Light to the Flies'"
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Like Light to the Flies
Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr

"Like Light to the Flies" (or "Like Light", as it is often referred to) is a song by heavy metal band Trivium and is the first single and music video from their 2005 album, Ascendancy.[1] The band originally considered using the song "Ember to Inferno" as their first single but changed their minds after recording this song (along with "Blinding Tears Will Break the Skies" and "The Deceived"). "Like Light" was released in January 2005,[2] and features a mix of screaming and singing. The song contains two guitar solos which are meshed into one longer solo, with a small interlude in the middle.[3] The Music video featured the original member & bass player Brent Young and the version used in the video is the demo version, not the album version, but the demo found previously on the MTV compilation album MTV2 Headbanger's Ball: Volume 2.[4]


"This song is about people's attraction to all forms of tragedy. It seems like everywhere you turn to today (e.g., television, newspaper, magazine, movies, etc.) it's all about murder, violence, war, cruelty- and it's because this is what sells; people are totally captivated by subjects in this vein. We are the flies." - Matt Heafy [5]




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