Likhi Range

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A landscape of the Likhi range

Likhi Range (Georgian: ლიხის ქედი) or Surami Range (Georgian: სურამის ქედი) is a mountain range in Georgia, a part of the Caucasus mountains. It connects the Greater Caucasus and Lesser Caucasus ranges.

The highest point is 1,926 m above sea level. The lowest and most important mountain pass is the Surami Pass at an elevation of 949 m which links eastern and western Georgia. A railroad (in the tunnel) runs through the pass, as well as the Zestaponi-Khashuri highway. A southern portion of the Likhi range was historically known as Ghado.

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Coordinates: 42°11′54″N 43°29′54″E / 42.19833°N 43.49833°E / 42.19833; 43.49833