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"Likhoelesaurus" (meaning "Li Khole lizard") is the name given to an as yet undescribed genus of archosauriform, either a dinosaur or rauisuchian, from the Late Triassic of what is now South Africa.

The name was coined by Ellenberger in 1970, and the "type species" is "Likhoelesaurus ingens".[1] It is named after the town in Lesotho where the fossils were found. The only fossils recovered have been teeth, from the late Carnian-early Norian-age Lower Elliot Formation.[2]

Ellenberger (1972) regarded the genus as a giant carnosaur, and Kitching and Raath (1984) treated it as possibly referable to Basutodon.[3][4] Knoll listed "Likhoelesaurus" as a rauisuchian, also he noted that could also be a rauisuchian.[5]


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