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Lil Miquela
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Background information
Also known as
  • Miquela Sousa
  • Miquela
OriginLos Angeles, California, United States
  • Instagram personality
  • singer
  • model
Years active2016–present
LabelsLilMiquela Recs, Brud Records
Associated acts
WebsiteInstagram profile

Miquela Sousa, better known as Lil Miquela, is a fictional character and digital art project.[1][2][3][4][5][not specific enough to verify] Miquela is an Instagram model and music artist claiming to be from Downey, California.

The project began in 2016 as an Instagram profile. By April 2018, the account had amassed more than a million followers by portraying the lifestyle of an Instagram it-girl over social media.[6] The account also details a fictional narrative which presents Miquela as a sentient robot in conflict with other digital projects.

In August 2017, Miquela released her first single, "Not Mine".[7] Her pivot into music has been compared to virtual musicians Gorillaz and Hatsune Miku.[2]


Miquela's first Instagram post was made on April 22, 2016. The project garnered both intrigue and criticism for the character's digital appearance with fans and online commenters oscillating between positing that Miquela is an art project or a social experiment carried out by a real unidentified woman. Miquela was rumored to be a marketing gimmick for The Sims.[citation needed] British model Emily Bador was rumored to be Miquela, fans citing the character's abundance of freckles. Bador openly acknowledged the physical similarity.[8]

Online presence[edit]

Miquela has been pictured with a number of celebrities including Diplo, Molly Soda, Nile Rogers, and Samantha Urbani.[9] She has been interviewed and or profiled in a number of publications including Refinery29, Vogue, Buzzfeed, v-files, Nylon, the Guardian, Business of Fashion, The Cut, and[citation needed] As well as by Shane Dawson in a phone interview.[10] She appeared on the cover of High Snobiety in April 2018.[11] In February 2018, Miquela did an Instagram takeover for Prada as part of Milan Fashion Week. On May 16, she did an Calvin Klein ad with Bella Hadid, in which both were animated.[12]

Online narratives[edit]

In April 2018, a trans-media story began to play out on Miquela's Instagram involving @Blawko22, and @BermudaIsBae, two other virtual Instagram accounts who are presented as "sentient robots." The story suggests that two organizations are responsible for the creation of these sentient robots. In the narrative, brand Brud created Miquela and "Blawko22" while competing fictional brand Cain Intelligence created "BermudaIsBae".

On April 17, all of Miquela's Instagram posts were removed. "BermudaIsBae" was purported to have hacked Miquela's account. The two online personas then began posting pictures together as Miquela worked to reclaim the original account.[13] After reclaiming the account, Miquela posted a series of notes saying that she is a robot and claiming sentience.[14]<ref>"Lil Miquela on Instagram: "So, Brud programmed my memories, claiming I'm from a place called Downey. It's right in-between Los Angeles and Disneyland. Even though that sounds like a dream to me, I had to come check it out for myself..."". Instagram. Retrieved 2018-08-17..

Music career[edit]

Miquela has released several singles since her debut with "Not Mine," including "You Should be Alone," "Over You," “Right Back,” and a collaboration with Baauer titled "Hate Me." Her musical style is characterized by the use of auto-tune and trap-influenced production. Her music has been released on YouTube and Spotify. Miquela's sound is purportedly based on the soundtrack to Sam Raimi's 1981 cult classic, Evil Dead.


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