Lila Says (novel)

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Lila Says
Author Chimo (a pseudonym)
Country France
Language English
Genre Novel
Publisher Charles Scribner's Sons
Publication date
Published in English
Media type Print (Hardback)
Pages 128 pp
ISBN 0-684-83603-3
OCLC 38580267
843/.914 21
LC Class PQ2663.H527 L5513 1999

Lila Says (French title: Lila dit ça) was first published in 1996 in French and translated into English in 1999. The author's name is only listed as a pseudonym, Chimo. It was adapted into a film

Plot summary[edit]

Lila Says is a narrative of the protagonist's — Chimo, an Arab boy living in France — interactions with a catholic girl named Lila. Lila befriends Chimo and tells him very provocative and somewhat troubling incidents in her life and shares her experiences with him.


The author's real name is not revealed. The publisher's note in the book states that a manuscript was dropped off by a lawyer and they never had a chance to interact with the author. This led to some assumptions they had to make in the text that was published.

Kate Moss named her daughter Lila after this book.[1]

Book information[edit]

Lila Says (English edition) by Chimo.