Lilac Festival (Calgary)

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Lilac Festival
Lilac festival 2004.JPG
Crowded street during the 2004 Lilac Festival
Genre Street fair
Dates Late May
Location(s) Beltline and Mission in  Calgary
Patron(s) 4th Street BRZ
Lilac festival

Lilac festival is an annual street festival held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It started as a small neighborhood celebration in 1989 by the Cliff Bungalow /Mission Community Association and the 4th Street Business Revitalization Zone and has grown to entertain over 80,000 people on the last Sunday in May. The lilac (Syringa) flowers are often blooming throughout the area at this time.

The festival takes place along the 13 blocks of 4th Street (between 13th Avenue South and Elbow Drive) in the Beltline and Mission neighborhoods.[1] It lasts for one day and features entertainment stages with street dancing, as well as craft, food, entertainment, electronics, and other business stalls.

Lilac festival has been voted Calgary's best free festival in 2006.[2] In 2005 it had an estimated 120,000 attendance.[1]

  • 2007 - the festival was held on May 27.

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