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Lilia Luciano
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Born (1984-10-12) October 12, 1984 (age 33)
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Nationality American
Education University of Miami
Occupation Journalist, columnist, film producer, literacy advocate
Years active 2004 - present
  • Luis Alayo
    (m. 2007; div. 2009)

Lilia Luciano (born October 12, 1984) is a television investigative journalist, filmmaker and public speaker.[1][2] Luciano is the investigative reporter at ABC 10 in Sacramento, California.[3] She is the director and producer of Wars of Others, an HBO documentary film about the consequences of the U.S. War on Drugs on Colombian farmers[4] and the founder of CoInspire, an interview series about entrepreneurship in partnership with Rokk3r Labs.[5] She is now a host and contributor at VICE in English and Spanish.[6][7] Previously, she worked as a national news correspondent for NBC News's The Today Show, Nightly News with Brian Williams and MSNBC.[8] She is a TEDx speaker[9] and contributing columnist for Huffington Post writing both in English and Spanish about issues concerning the Hispanic community,[10] the War on Drugs[11] and Human Rights.[12] She servers the advisory council[13] of United Nations Foundation's Girl Up initiative.


On May 2, 2012 it was announced that Luciano had been fired by NBC News, after it was found that the audio portion of the Trayvon Martin 9-1-1 call was edited in a manner that did not reflect the nature of the conversation and had the appearance of George Zimmerman making an unprompted statement that Martin was black instead as his direct answer to the 911 dispatcher's questions. NBC dismissed the producer responsible for editing the piece and also dismissed Luciano for the oversight.[14][15]


Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Luciano attended Tufts University in Massachusetts to study pre-medicine. In 2003, she transferred to the University of Miami, where she graduated in 2007 with a bachelor's degree in economics and broadcast journalism.

Early years[edit]

While at the University of Miami, Luciano interned with Telemundo where she produced and anchored a finance and economics segment for Telemundo Internacional. After graduating from The University of Miami, Luciano was hired by Univision Networks as correspondent and co-anchor for evening newscast En Vivo y Directo.


Luciano joined NBC News in December 2010 from Univision network where she served as co-host of a live daily program and as a correspondent for the top-rated show Aquí y Ahora.[16] Previously, she was a co-host from 2006 to 2010 at Escandalo TV (Scandal TV), a spicy Spanish gossip show at TeleFutura Network.

Major assignments[edit]

Hurricane Irene[edit]

In August 2011 Lilia Luciano covered Hurricane Irene from Nassau, Bahamas for NBC's Nightly News with Brian Williams, Today Show, MSNBC, The Weather Channel, CNBC and Telemundo. She went on to cover the storm's trail of devastation in North Carolina.[17]|

Casey Anthony trial[edit]

During the summer of 2011 Luciano covered the Casey Anthony first-degree murder trial in Orlando, Florida for MSNBC and the Today Show. Luciano reported live from the Orange County courthouse throughout the six-week trial. At midnight on July 17, she gave a special breaking news report on MSNBC to announce Anthony's release from prison.[18]

Joran Van der Sloot trial[edit]

On January 2012 Luciano was the only national correspondent from the major networks covering the murder trial against Joran Van der Sloot in Lima, Peru for both Today Show, and Telemundo, obtaining exclusive interviews with the victim's family and government authorities in Lima.[19][20][21]

University of Virginia lacrosse murder trial[edit]

On February 22, 2012 Luciano reported for Today, MSNBC and Comcast Sports on the first degree murder trial against University of Virginia Lacrosse captain George Huguely, convicted in the death of his girlfriend Yeardly Love.[22]

Trayvon Martin shooting[edit]

Luciano was one of the national television reporters on the scene in Sanford, Florida covering this story.[23][24]


On May 2, 2012, it was reported that Luciano was no longer with NBC News. It was initially unclear if she was dismissed or resigned, but it was reported later she was let go.[25] The unnamed veteran NBC News producer and the local reporter, Jeff Burnside, responsible for editing the piece where the mistake appeared originally were previously fired.[15]

All of Luciano's reports on the Trayvon Martin story which contained the misleading edit were removed from the Today website.[26]

NBC News president Steve Capus told Reuters that the edit, made by a Miami-based producer, was "a mistake and not a deliberate act to misrepresent the phone call." The network claimed that it was done in order to meet a maximum time requirement for the piece, a common pressure in morning television. The producer was subsequently fired and NBC News apologized for the error stating it was an "editing error in the production process."[14]

On December 6, 2012, Luciano was named as a defendant in a defamation lawsuit filed against NBC by George Zimmerman with regard to the selective editing of Zimmerman's 911 call.[27] Zimmerman's criminal trial concluded with a "not guilty" jury verdict and acquittal on July 13, 2013, allowing his lawsuit to proceed.[28] Zimmerman's lawsuit against NBC and his subsequent appeal were both dismissed in Florida courts.[29]

Non-profit work[edit]

In 2009, she founded a non-profit organization and media campaign called "aprende más!", which seeks to promote education and the importance of reading among children in Ibero-American countries. Luciano also hosts a video blog Una Voz, which tackles current events and issues affecting Hispanics today. Lilia is also the executive editor of Opina Magazine, an annual online publication that promotes the arts.[30]

In 2010 she served as spokesperson to the Univision and Bill Gates Foundation's Education Campaign, "Es El Momento", as well as a supporter and collaborator with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and Walk Now for Autism.[31]


Luciano is the producer of a documentary film currently in production for HBO Latin America

Luciano has produced, directed and narrated two short documentary films: Nueva Orleans, which focuses on the efforts of the Hispanic community in rebuilding the city of New Orleans, and Pikininis, a story about the challenges of a South African woman aiding orphans in Johannesburg.[8]

Personal life[edit]

Luciano married Luis Alayo, a Catalonian banker, on December 28, 2007.[32] The couple divorced 18 months later citing irreconcilable differences.[33][34]

Other facts[edit]

Luciano is a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists In 2010, Cosmopolitan Magazine featured Luciano on their November 2010 cover.

In 2009, People en Español selected Luciano in their 50 Most Beautiful people issue.[35][36]


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