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Lilian Brøgger (2010)

Lilian Brøgger née Brinch (born 1950) is a Danish illustrator. The first student to graduate as an illustrator from the Danish Design School in 1972, she has become one of the country's most productive illustrative artists, gaining popularity in particular for her children's books.[1][2]


Born on 27 January 1950 in Nordby on the Danish island of Fanø,[3] Brøgger was brought up in Copenhagen where she studied at the Danish Design School from 1967 to 1972.[2] The first work with her illustrations, the 25-page book for small children, Der hvor Linda bor (The Place Where Linda Lives), was published in 1975.[4] She has since illustrated over a hundred books in a variety of unconventional styles.[5] She is generally regarded as a post-modern illustrator who breaks the rules of proportion and representation. She varies her techniques with each new book, always careful to create images which appeal to children.[5]

In 2002, Brøgger received the H.C. Andersen award for her illustrations in Hjørdis Varmer's biography of Hans Christian Andersen Den fattige dreng fra Odense (The Poor Boy from Odense). It took her more than half a year to create some 100 illustrations consisting of collages, cuttings and drawings, inspired by Andersen's own approach to art. As a result, she became the first illustrator to receive the Danish Writers' Association's H.C. Andersen prize (Dansk Forfatterforenings H.C. Andersen Legat) since it was established in the mid-1950s.[6]

More recently, Brøgger has received the Forening for Boghaandværks Ærespris (2009) awarded to the person who has contributed most to book development, and Kulturministeriets Illustratorpris (2010) awarded by the Danish Minister of Culture to the artist whose illustrations have most enhanced the written word.[3]


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