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Lilian Gask's "Stories About Bears" (London: George C. Harrap, 1916) as issued in 1925 by the New York publisher Thomas Y. Crowell.
"The Three Bold Pirates" by E. Stuart Hardy (sister of the illustrator Dorothy Hardy) and Lilian Gask, one of the "Little Mother Stories" presumably published in 1909. The book is exquisitely rare today with only four known extant copies.

Lilian Fanny Gask (1865, Marylebone)[1] - 17 November 1942, Camberwell[2] was an author of children's books. She was the eldest of six children of Charles Gask, merchant, and his wife Fanny, née Edis.[3] Her brother, Arthur Gask, was also a writer.[4]

In 1891 she was recorded in the England and Wales Census as being employed as a "pupil nurse" in London.[5]

In 1904 her first book, Dog Tales, was published. This was the first of about thirty books published during her lifetime. She frequently collaborated with Dorothy Hardy, a noted animal and equine illustrator.

In a review of True Stories about Horses published in The Spectator it was stated that "some of Miss Lilian Gask's 'True Stories about Horses' are almost incredible, and all are gently sentimental. But they are pleasantly written, and the illustrations, by Mr. Patten Wilson, are spirited and delicate."[6] This assessment might apply to Gask's writing in general.


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