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Lilith is a pioneer American dark ambient music group formed by Scott Gibbons in 1986.

Early self-released albums contained little or no text to suggest authorship or titles, and were rooted in homemade audio devices and modified consumer electronics. By the early 1990s, Lilith's music had developed in a sombre minimalist direction, with growing research into extended compositions focused around very low frequencies. On signing with the Sub Rosa label, the name Lilith was taken after Earth's hypothetical moon to reflect that the music often suggested more than it revealed.

Most of their works use single sound sources for instrumentation; for example rocks on "Stone" (Sub Rosa: 1992). Unlike other artists working in similar directions, Lilith would perform in concert, and released two albums which were recorded live.


  • Scott Gibbons (sound)
  • Rachel Wilson (sound)
  • Brien Rullman (video)

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