Lilium 'Navona'

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Lilium 'Navona'
Lilium 'Navona'2.jpg
Cultivar 'Navona'
Origin Rijnsburg, The Netherlands

Lilium 'Navona' is an Asiatic lily hybrid variety of white lilies,[1][2] used in cutflower production worldwide.


Lilium 'Navona' 01.jpg

It has big upward-facing, white flowers,[3] with dark green foliage,[4] that flower from late spring to early summer.[1] They can grow up to 26"-32" / 66.0 cm - 81.3 cm high.[1][4]


Lilium 'Navona'1.jpg

It was created by Gebr. Vletter and Den Haan in Rijnsburg, The Netherlands,[3] in the eighties.[citation needed]


It is hardy to between USDA Zone 3 and Zone 9.[1][2]

It prefers positions in full sun or partial shade,[1] in well drained soils.[2]

It can be grown in containers.[4]


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