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Lilja Sigurðardóttir (born 1972) is an Icelandic crime-writer and playwright. She has written six thrillers that mostly take place in Reykjavík.

Lilja's latest novel Svik (No English title yet) was published in Iceland by Forlagid Publishing in October 2018. Her novels have been published in Norwegian, Danish, Czech, Macedonian, Polish, French and English and film rights to the Reykjavík Noir Trilogy (Snare, Trap and Cage) have been sold to Palomar Pictures.


  • Steps (2009) Spor.[1] (German: Zwölf Schritte (2011) Rowohlt Verlag Transl. by Ursula Giger and Angela Schamberger)
  • Forgiveness (2010) Fyrirgefning.[1]
  • Big Babies (Stageplay, 2013) Stóru börnin. Produced by Lab Loki theatre company 2013-2014 in Tjarnarbíó theatre
  • Snare (2015) Gildran. Forlagid (Norwegian: Fanget (2015) Font Forlag, transl. by Tone Myklebost) (French: Piégée (2016) Métailié, transl. by Jean-Christophe Salaun) (Czech: V Pasti(2016) LEDA, transl. by Lucie Korecká) (English: Snare(2017) Orenda Books, transl. by Quentin Bates.)
  • Trap (2016) Netið. Forlagid (English: Trap (2018) Orenda Books, transl. by Quentin Bates.)
  • Cage (2017) Búrið Forlagid (English: Cage (2019) Orenda Books, transl. by Quentin Bates.)


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