Lille Half Marathon

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Lille Half Marathon
Lille rue de Paris.JPG
Rue de Paris in Lille – near the finishing point of the race
DateEarly September
LocationLille, France France
Event typeRoad
DistanceHalf marathon

The Lille Métropole Half Marathon (French: Semi-Marathon de Lille Métropole) is an annual half marathon foot race which takes place in Lille, France in early September. First organised by the Association de Promotion des Événements Lillois in 1986, the race began as a marathon event before switching to the shorter distance in 1996.[1] The course of the race begins in the Boulevard de la Liberté and finishes at the front of Lille's city hall on Rue de Paris.[2]

The French Half Marathon Championships were held concurrently with the final edition of the marathon race in 1995. Bruno Leger was the men's winner with a time of 1:02:31 while Christine Mallo took the women's title in 1:12:05.[3] The half marathon race has delivered some fast winning times – the 2009 race saw the top three men run under an hour and Mary Keitany ran the seventh quickest run ever to become the women's race winner.[4] The men's course record of 59:05, set by Ezekiel Chebii in 2012, is the fastest ever recorded for the distance in France.[5]

Past winners[edit]

Key:   Course record


Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
1st 1986  Jacques Boxberger (FRA) 2:14:16  Chantal Langlacé (FRA) 2:33:58
2nd 1987  Luis Soares (FRA) 2:14:41  Chantal Langlacé (FRA) 2:41:43
3rd 1988  Helmuth Stuhlpfarrer (AUT) 2:13:08  Fabiola Oppliger (COL) 2:42:25
4th 1989  Jean-Pierre Pietrement (FRA) 2:14:11  Brigitte Olive (FRA) 2:45:15
5th 1990  Alexandre Rachide (FRA) 2:14:51  Fabiola Oppliger (COL) 2:37:46
6th 1991  Elisio Rios (POR) 2:17:45  Lutsia Belyayeva (RUS) 2:42:38
7th 1992  Gyula Borka (HUN) 2:13:15  Lutsia Belyayeva (RUS) 2:35:46
8th 1993  Csaba Szűcs (HUN) 2:14:24  Alevtina Naumova (RUS) 2:36:50
9th 1994  El Hadi Moumou (FRA) 2:14:53  Lutsia Belyayeva (RUS) 2:43:55
10th 1995  Ronny Ligneel (BEL) 2:14:48  Yelena Sipatova (RUS) 2:36:21

Half marathon[edit]

Duncan Kibet won the men's race in 2004.
Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
1st 1996  Jean-Paul Gahimbaré (BDI) 1:02:11  Annette Sergent (FRA) 1:11:21
2nd 1997  John Gwako (KEN) 1:01:10  Jackline Torori (KEN) 1:11:26
3rd 1998  Joseph Kibor (KEN) 1:01:46  Anne Njeri (KEN) 1:12:43
4th 1999  Phaustin Baha Sulle (TAN) 1:00:38  Zahia Dahmani (FRA) 1:12:38
5th 2000  Abdellah Béhar (FRA) 1:01:30  Nuţa Olaru (ROM) 1:11:08
6th 2001  Driss El Himer (FRA) 1:02:08  Hafida Gadi (FRA) 1:13:16
7th 2002  Robert Cheboror (KEN) 1:01:42  Anastasia Ndereba (KEN) 1:11:45
8th 2003  Wilson Onsare (KEN) 1:00:52  Magdaline Chemjor (KEN) 1:09:39
9th 2004  Duncan Kibet (KEN) 1:01:01  Lenah Cheruiyot (KEN) 1:10:15
10th 2005  James Kibocha Theuri (KEN) 1:00:54  Merima Denboba (ETH) 1:11:37
11th 2006  Joseph Maregu (KEN) 1:01:20  Meriem Wangari (KEN) 1:11:36
12th 2007  Joseph Maregu (KEN) 59:45  Mary Keitany (KEN) 1:08:43
13th 2008  Tilahun Regassa (ETH) 59:36  Tigist Tufa (ETH) 1:11:42
14th 2009  Stephen Kibiwott (KEN) 59:37  Mary Keitany (KEN) 1:07:00
15th 2010  Wilson Kiprop (KEN) 59:34  Florence Kiplagat  (KEN) 1:07:40
16th 2011  Geoffrey Kipsang Kamworor (KEN) 1:00:02  Valentine Kipketer (KEN) 1:08:21
17th 2012  Ezekiel Chebii (KEN) 59:05  Flomena Chepchirchir (KEN) 1:08:06
18th 2013  Vincent Kipruto Limo (KEN) 1:00:39  Diana Sigei Chepkemoi (KEN) 1:10:14
19th 2014  Mark Korir (KEN) 1:00:49  Ral Kiyara Nguriatukei (KEN) 1:09:29
20th 2015  Stephen Chebogut (KEN) 1:00:19  Peninah Arusei (KEN) 1:08:56
2016 Race cancelled [6]
21st 2017  Vincent Kipsang Rono (KEN) 59.27  Gladys Chesire (KEN) 1:07.49


  • Note: Data for half marathon race only


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