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The central road Madsensvej
The central road Madsensvej
Map DK Allerød.PNG
Coordinates: 55°52′05″N 12°20′30″E / 55.86806°N 12.34167°E / 55.86806; 12.34167Coordinates: 55°52′05″N 12°20′30″E / 55.86806°N 12.34167°E / 55.86806; 12.34167
Country Denmark
Region Capital (Hovedstaden)
Municipality Allerød
 • Mayor Erik Lund
Population (2015)
 • Total 16,248
Time zone Central Europe Time (UTC+1)

Lillerød (sometimes named Allerød) is a Danish town, seat of the Allerød Municipality, in the Region Hovedstaden. Its population 1 January 2015 was of 16,248.[1]


Lillerød is located in the northern side of the Zealand island, 40 km north from Copenhagen and not too far from Helsingør.

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