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Lillian Axe
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Background information
Origin New Orleans, Louisiana
Genres Glam metal,[1] heavy metal,[1] hard rock
Years active 1983–1995; 1999–present
Associated acts Angel, Apache Black, Blitz, Bon Journey, Brand New Machine, The Bridge, Catch Velvet, Crowbar, Dirty Looks, Evildead, Far Cry, Hagan, Killian Dare, Krymson, Logan, Lowside, Madhouse, Metal Church, Moxi, Near Life Experience, Oz, Persia, Ratt Poison, Rottweiller, Savage White, Social Distortion, Stiff, Taboo, Velvet Poker Dogs, Veruca Salt

Lillian Axe is a hard rock band from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, best known for its major label albums, Lillian Axe, Love + War, Poetic Justice and "Psychoschizophrenia". Originally formed in 1983, the group is still active, though only the guitarist Steve Blaze remains from the original line-up.


The classic line-up came together when former Stiff members, Ron Taylor (lead vocals) and Jon Ster (rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), teamed up with Lillian Axe members Steve Blaze (lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), Rob Stratton (bass guitar, and Danny King (drums) in 1987. The band caught the attention of Ratt's management which led to a record deal with MCA and Ratt's Robbin Crosby producing the band's first album, Lillian Axe. However, neither this nor the 1989 follow-up, Love + War, produced by Tony Platt, met commercial expectations and the group was quickly dropped. A compilation of both MCA albums, (1987-1989) Out of the Darkness - Into the Light, was released in 1991.

The band found a new label home with Grand Slamm/I.R.S. Records for Poetic Justice, released in 1992, with Darrin DeLatte (bass guitar) and the former Dirty Looks member Gene Barnett (drums) replacing Stratton and King, respectively. The album peaked on the Billboard Top Heatseekers at No. 28,[2] the band's biggest success to date, in part based on the strength of the single, "True Believer". Returning to the studio with the Swedish producer Leif Mases, the group issued Psychoschizophrenia in 1993, with Tommy Scott replacing Barnett on drums. Unable to capitalize on their previous success, Lillian Axe disbanded in 1995. Taylor formed The Bridge, while Blaze teamed up with his brother, the drummer Craig Nunenmacher, in Near Life Experience, and Scott, aka Tommy Stewart, found success with Boston's Godsmack, appearing on the band's platinum selling Godsmack and Awake albums.

In 1999, Lillian Axe released Fields of Yesterday, consisting of unreleased demos and album outtakes, followed by Live 2002, recorded in May 2002 in Houston, Texas, with only Taylor and Blaze remaining from the classic MCA line-up.

After several line-up changes, the band recruited as lead vocalist Derrick LeFevre, who appeared on Waters Rising (2007), Sad Day on Planet Earth (2009) and Deep Red Shadows (2010). On June 23, 2010, Ronny Munroe, formerly of Metal Church, replaced LeFevre, but he departed four months later before recording any material with the band. He was replaced by Brian C. Jones who can be heard on the latest album, XI The Days Before Tomorrow (2012).

On August 8, 2013, Lillian Axe was involved in an automobile accident.[3]

Lillian Axe released One Night in the Temple, an acoustic live album, early in 2014.[4] On November 29, 2014, former guitarist Jon Ster died from heart failure at the age of 52.[5]


On May 16, 2010, in Erwinville, Louisiana, Lilian Axe became the first hard rock act to be inducted into The Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.


Current line-up[edit]

Original line-up[edit]

  • Rick Bohrer - vocals
  • Steve Blaze - guitar
  • Michael "Maxx" Darby - bass guitar
  • Jeff Savelle - drums

Former members[edit]

  • Ron Taylor - vocals
  • Orlando "Ace" Palacio - guitar
  • Rusty Cavalier - drums
  • Johnny Vines - vocals
  • Derrick LeFevre - vocals
  • Ronny Munroe - vocals
  • Jon Ster - rhythm guitar, keyboards
  • Darrin DeLatte - bass guitar
  • Rob Stratton - bass guitar
  • Kennith Gosnell - bass guitar
  • Danny King - drums
  • Eddie Livingston - drums
  • Gene Barnett - drums
  • Matt McCrory - guitar
  • Rob Hovey - drums
  • Richard Kendrick - guitar
  • Randy Holden - rhythm Guitar
  • Tommy Stewart - drums
  • Craig Nunenmacher - drums


Studio albums[edit]

Year Album US US Heat. Certification Label
1988 Lillian Axe - - - MCA
1989 Love + War - - - MCA
1992 Poetic Justice - 28 - I.R.S. Records
1993 Psychoschizophrenia - 13 - I.R.S. Records
1999 Fields of Yesterday - - - Z Records
2007 Waters Rising - - - Locomotive Records
2009 Sad Day on Planet Earth - - - Blistering Records
2010 Deep Red Shadows - - - Love and War Records
2012 XI The Days Before Tomorrow - - - AFM Records


Live albums[edit]

  • Live 2002 (2002)
  • One Night in the Temple (2014)


  • Dream of a Lifetime
  • No Matter What
  • Show a Little Love
  • "Megaslowfade"
  • "Caged In"


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