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Lilo Wanders at ColognePride 2009

Ernie Reinhardt, better known as Lilo Wanders, (born 22 September 1955 in Celle as Ernst-Johann Reinhardt) is a famous German transvestite entertainer, comedian and theatre/television host.

Reinhardt attended the Gymnasium Walsrode and went on to become an entertainer. He was one of the founders of the Schmidt-Theater on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg in 1988. From 1994 on until 2004 he was in his transvestite role as Lilo Wanders the host(es) of the German TV sex/erotic show Wa(h)re Liebe (a pun on true love and commodity love) on VOX.

He has described himself as being gay;[citation needed] nevertheless, he has a wife, two children and one foster child. Reinhardt and his family also lived with a second man in the past.


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