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Lilug or Long Island Linux User Group, Inc., is a Linux user group based in New York State.

Lilug is an official not-for-profit organization, incorporated under Section 402 of the New York State Not-For-Profit corporation law. It is dedicated to spreading public awareness about Linux, and helping others to become more familiar with it.

The group was formed in December 1998, out of interested parties from two previously-existing organizations, the Farmingdale Linux and Associated Technologies Club and the Brookhaven National Laboratory Local Linux Users Group. It meets monthly on the second Tuesday of each month on the Cold Spring Harbor Lab Woodbury Campus, in the Woodbury Auditorium.[1]

Special Interest Groups[edit]

Lilug has two special interest groups, one for developers and one for security.[2] The SIGs are usually smaller events with a more discussion-oriented approach.

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