Lily (software)

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Developer(s)Internet Co., Ltd.
Initial releaseAugust 25, 2010
Stable release
V3 Lily / April 19, 2012
Operating systemWindows
PlatformPC, Mac
Available inJapanese
TypeVocal Synthesizer Application
LicenseProprietary Edit this on Wikidata

Lily (リリィ) is a female vocal originally released for Vocaloid 2. The data for the voice was created by sampling the voice of Yuri Masuda, a Japanese vocalist of the Japanese musical group m.o.v.e.[1][2]


Lily originally appeared on the cover of the CD "anim.o.v.e. 01" released on Aug 19th, 2009 before the announcement of her VOCALOID development. Lily was introduced as "Code Name: Lily" on DTM MAGAZINE published in May, 2010.[3] The voice source is the lead vocalist of m.o.v.e., Yuri Masuda. The idea of the developing a VOCALOID based on Yuri's voice occurred, as one of the members was a user of VOCALOID. The illustration of Lily's VOCALOID was used on the Anim.o.v.e album while the voicebank was in development.[4][5]

Additional software[edit]

V3 Lily was announced in early 2012 for Vocaloid 3. One of the earliest notes about this was that the new V3 Lily vocal would have a slightly larger vocal range.[6] In July 2013, Internet Co., Ltd. announced a Mac update of this product for the Vocaloid Neo engine.[7] Two vocals were included with the package V3 Lily; Native which is an update of the Vocaloid 2 vocal and V3 Lily, which was a newly recorded voice.[8] When imported into Vocaloid 4, the vocals will be able to cross-synthesis with each other.

Lily and Gackpoid were brought up in a tweet during the Megpoid English development.[9] But English vocals could only occur if they were profitable.[10] In October 2014 it was noted they currently have no plans for a Lily English.:[11]


Name Lily
Release August 25, 2010
Suggested Tempo 90 ~ 180BPM
Suggested Vocal Range D2 ~ D4 (V2, Native), D2 ~ G4 (Lily V3)

Video Game[edit]

Lily appeared in an iOS game called "Vocadol" along with Vocals Anon & Kanon, VY1, Aoki Lapis, Merli, Cul and Kokone.[12]


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