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Lily Morris (September 30, 1882 – October 3, 1952), born Lilles Mary Crosby, was an English music hall performer, who specialized in singing comedic songs, notably 'Why Am I Always The Bridesmaid' and 'Don't Have Any More, Missus Moore".[1]


Morris was born in the Holborn area of London, and began performing professionally at the age of ten.[1] She built a formidable career, including several successful international tours.[2] She had a particularly successful run at the Palace Theater in New York in 1928.[3] She also appeared in the musical revue film Elstree Calling (1930), co-directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and a later appearance in the film Radio Parade of 1935 as a charlady alongside fellow music hall performer Nellie Wallace.

She retired from the stage in 1940, except for a brief appearance in 1948.[4] In 1941 she appeared as the formidable "Lady Randall" in the Arthur Askey comedy I Thank You but reverts to type in the final scene where she gives a rendition of the old music hall standard "Waiting at the Church" at an impromptu concert in a tube station bomb shelter.[5]

Song hits[edit]

Lily Morris's most popular song hits include:

Selected filmography[edit]


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Sadly, the Lily Morris website is for a completely different Lily Morris.

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