Lim Ding Wen

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Lim Ding Wen

Lim Ding Wen (林鼎文, born September 21, 1999) is a young programmer living in Singapore. In 2009, at the age of 9, he is the youngest iPhone developer in Singapore, responsible for the app Doodle Kids.[1][2][3][4]

He started programming at the age of 7 with the help of his father.[5] He wrote many applications including Doodle Kids[6] and Invader War[7] on the Apple IIGS. He later rewrote Doodle Kids for the iPhone and then Android platforms. Between the time it was launched till the end of 2010, Doodle Kids has been downloaded more than 880,000 times (iOS and Android platforms combined).[8]

Lim Ding Wen shows Cartooners on the Apple IIGS computer.
Lim Ding Wen uses SketchUp to draw an Apple IIGS computer.