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Lim Hyung-joo
South Korean Popera(Operatic pop) tenor Lim Hyung-joo on Jan. 2015 대한민국 출신의 팝페라테너 임형주 2015년 사진.jpg
Background information
Born (1986-05-07) 7 May 1986 (age 33)
OriginSeoul, South Korea
GenresClassical crossover, Operatic pop(Popera)
Years active1998–present
LabelsSamsung Music,
Synnara Music,
Sony Music Entertainment,
EMI Music,
Warner Music Group,
Universal Music Group(2014-present)
Lim Hyung-joo
Revised RomanizationIm Hyeongju
McCune–ReischauerIm Hyŏngju

Lim Hyung Joo (born May 7, 1986) is a UN Peace Medal (United Nations Peace Medal) winning (the first and the youngest Korean awarded) South Korean operatic pop (popera) tenor and classical crossover singer.[1][2] He has sold more than 1.2 million (1,200,000) records worldwide, including over 1 million (1,000,000) in South Korea, and his total digital songs, singles and albums (including digital downloads, streaming and ringtone service) sold more than 10 million (10,000,000) units.[3]

Life and career[edit]

Lim Hyung Joo released his first solo album at the age of 12 in 1998.[4][5] He made his debut as popera tenor at the age of 17 years in 2003.[6] On February 25 that year, at the inauguration day of the 16th president of Republic of Korea, he was the youngest person to sing the national anthem of Korea.[7] His performance had been aired abroad.[8] In addition, Lim Hyung Joo had a first solo concert abroad in June 2003, at the New York's Carnegie Hall.[9] He was the youngest Korean male vocalist to give a solo concert in that venue. The performance was very highly received.

Lim performed with the world's major venues and orchestras. He gave performances in New York's Carnegie Hall, Alice Tully Hall at the Lincoln Center, and Hollywood Bowl, Walt Disney Concert Hall & Orpheum Theatrein Los Angeles, Main Hall of Knafel Center at Harvard University in Boston, St John's Smith Square in London and Wiener Konzerthaus, Paris' Salle Gaveau, and The Cathedral of Saint-Louis des Invalides and La Madeleine in Paris, Teatro di Marcello in Rome, Universal Hall in Berlin, AmsterdamRoyal Concertgebouw, Marble Hall of Mirabell Palace in Salzburg, Studio of Radio and television broadcasting in the Czech Republic, Tokyo Suntory Hall & Tokyo International Forum Main Hall(Hall A), Izumi Hall in Osaka, Main Auditorium of China Public Diplomacy & Culture Exchange Center in Beijing, Westin Shanghai, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei and others. He performed with Berliner Symphoniker, Berlin Sinfonie Orchester, Wiener Sinfonie Orchester, Czech Symphony Orchestra, Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, New York Metropolitan Opera Chamber Orchestra, Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra, New Jersey Philharmonic Orchestra, Bavarian Chamber Orchestra, Salzburger Solisten, Vienna Soloists Ensemble, Vienna Mozart Ensemble Orchestra, American Union Chamber Orchestra, Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, KBS Symphony Orchestra, Korean Symphony Orchestra, Eurasian Philharmonic Orchestra, Seoul Pops Orchestra, Prime Philharmonic Orchestra and numerous groups in Taiwan and Japan.[10][11][12] Furthermore, he is the first Korean artist who conquered all three halls at Carnegie Hall, and the fourth youngest man ever to give a solo concert at the Opera Theater in the Seoul Arts Center.[13] By the age of 27, he had performed at the TOP 3 classical concert halls of Korea (Concert Hall & Opera Theater of the Seoul Arts Center, Main Auditorium of the Sejong Center in Seoul, Main Hall 'Hae' of the National Theater of Korea).[13][14]


  • Shinyongsan Elementary School in Seoul (graduation)
  • Yewon Arts School in Seoul (graduation 'vocal')
  • Juilliard School of Music Pre-College in New York City, vocal judges unanimously passed
  • Accademia San Felice di Musica in Florence (graduation 'operatic voice'-Bachelor of Music)
  • Franz Schubert Konservatorium in Vienna, Invited student ('operatic voice'-Master of Music)
  • Civica Scuola delle Arti di Roma (Rome) (graduation 'operatic voice'-Artist Diploma)

Community outreach[edit]

Lim was a spokesperson for: the Seoul National University Hospital & LG Household & Health Care "beautiful face campaign", the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization "Korea In Motion" campaign, the 2009 Seoul Chungmuro International Film Festival, the Seoul CO2 honor Dr. PR committee, the Jung-gu district of Seoul, the Seoul St. Mary's Hospital of Catholic University, and of the 2011 Daegu IAAF World Championships. As of 2014, he is a spokesperson for the Korean Red Cross,[15] the Community Chest of Korea 'Fruit of Love' campaign,[16] the International Relief and Development World Vision,[17] the Korea Association YWCA, the Green Growth National Union, the UNESCO Korean National Commission's first goodwill ambassador for peace and arts,[18] the Promotional ambassador for 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade,[19] and He is the Art-one Cultural Foundation founder.[20]

Art-one was established by Lim in January 2008 to celebrate the anniversary of his 5th world and 10th domestic debuts. He wanted to help disadvantaged, talented people by donating his proceeds.[21][22]

Other activities[edit]

Lim was the youngest editor of the magazine Weekly Kyunghyang, and he is an interviewer for the US magazine Forbes (Korean Edition).[23] He was the youngest columnist from 2010 to 2015 in Dong-A Ilbo.[24] In addition, Lim published his first essay, "Only One", with his mother in March 2005, and the book was ranked the top bestseller in Youngpoong bookstore.[25]




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