Lim Nee Soon

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Lim Nee Soon
Lim Nee Soon.png
Born(1879-11-12)12 November 1879
Died20 March 1936(1936-03-20) (aged 56)
Resting placeNanjing, near Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum
Alma materAnglo Chinese School
  • Banker
  • businessman
SpouseWi Peck Hay
Parent(s)Lim Peng Nguan (father)
Teo Choon Lian (mother)
RelativesTeo Lee (grandfather)
Tan Poh Neo (grandmother)
Teo Eng Hock (uncle)
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Hokkien POJLîm Gī-sūn

Lim Nee Soon (Chinese: 林義順; pinyin: Lín Yìshùn; 12 November 1879 – 20 March 1936) was a Singaporean banker and businessman who promoted social and community matters, and was a respected community leader in Singapore. Lim was of Peranakan descent, with ancestry from Chenghai District, Shantou in Guangdong, China.

He was a rubber magnate and was nicknamed the "pineapple king" for being the leading pineapple planter in the region. He was also a banker, contractor and general commission agent. He was the first general manager of the Bukit Sembawang Rubber Company Limited, formed in 1908. Nee Soon and Company was formed in 1911.

As a Chinese Peranakan, known as "Baba" locally, he was affectionately known as Bah Soon Pah (Chinese: 峇順芭; pinyin: Bā shùn bā). Bah Soon Pah Road was named after him.

Early life[edit]

Lim Nee Soon was born in Kampong Glam, Singapore. His family was from Shantou, Guangdong, China.[1] His father died when he was eight and his maternal grandfather, a merchant, took care of him. Lim was educated in English at the St. Joseph's Institution, and then later, at the Anglo Chinese School.[1]


Lim was one of the pioneers that opened up Sembawang. He served on the Rural Board from 1913 to 1921 and was also appointed a Justice of Peace. In the field of education, he was one of the founders of The Chinese High School and also a member of the Raffles College Committee. He was the President of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce for two periods, from 1921-1922, and 1925-1926.

Later life[edit]

Lim, along with his uncle Teo Eng Hock, were the leading members of the Teochew clan association Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan, and was a close friend of Dr Sun Yat Sen.

He died on the way home from a trip to China and his embalmed body was scheduled to be brought back to Singapore. However, the Chinese government requested to give him a State burial and so he was buried in Nanjing,[2] near the mausoleum of his close friend, Dr Sun Yat Sen.


Lim married Ms. Wi Peck Hay (Chinese: 阮碧霞; pinyin: Ruǎn Bìxiá) and had 3 sons and 6 daughters. His sons Lim Chong Kuo (Chinese: 林忠國; pinyin: Lín Zhōngguó) and Lim Chong Pang (Chinese: 林忠邦; pinyin: Lín Zhōngbāng) later also became prominent merchants and community figures. One of his daughter, Lim Chit Geck, married Oei Tjong Tiong, son of Chinese-Indonesian Businessman, Oei Tiong Ham.


Nee Soon Road was officially named in 1950 by the Rural Board to facilitate postal services. Nee Soon also owned a large plot of land in the area and several roads in this area are named after his business concerns and family members. For example, Chong Kuo Road is named after his eldest son Lim Chong Kuo, and Chong Pang City his second son Lim Chong Pang.

The residential town of Yishun in the northern part of Singapore, is also named after him. Although originally named Nee Soon, the name was subsequently romanized to its current appellation, to reflect the Singapore government's move to use standardised Mandarin over the unstandardised Chinese variants prominent amongst local dialect groups.[clarification needed]


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