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Lima Maru
Builder: Mitsubishi Zosen Kaisha (Nagasaki)
Launched: 1920
In service: 1920-1944
Out of service: 8 February 1944
Fate: Sunk, 8 February 1944
General characteristics
Type: Troop transport
Tonnage: 6,989 tons

Lima Maru was a 6,989 -ton Japanese troop transport during World War II, which sank on 8 February 1944 with great loss of life.

The Lima Maru was built in 1920 by the Mitsubishi Zosen Kaisha in Nagasaki for the Nippon Yusen shipping company.

On 8 February 1944, as part of convoy MOTA-02, she was transporting around 2,900 men of the Japanese 19th Brigade from Moji to Takao. The Lima Maru was torpedoed and sunk by the US submarine USS Snook some 30 miles south east of the Goto Archipelago at position 31°05´N, 127°37´E.[1] The Lima Maru exploded and sank very fast. Fewer than 150 soldiers survived.[2]

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