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Coat of arms of Limanu
Coat of arms
Limanu is located in Romania
Location of Limanu
Coordinates: 43°48′0″N 28°32′0″E / 43.80000°N 28.53333°E / 43.80000; 28.53333Coordinates: 43°48′0″N 28°32′0″E / 43.80000°N 28.53333°E / 43.80000; 28.53333
Country  Romania
County Constanța County
Status Commune
Component villages Limanu, 2 Mai, Hagieni, Vama Veche
 • Mayor Daniel Georgescu[1] (Social Democratic Party)
 • Total 76.66 km2 (29.60 sq mi)
Population (2011[2])[3]
 • Total Increase6,120
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)

Limanu is a commune in Constanța County, Romania.


At the 2011 census, Limanu had 5,445 Romanians (88.97%), 8 Hungarians (0.13%), 84 Roma (1.37%), 3 Germans (0.05%), 6 Turks (0.10%), 177 Tatars (2.89%), 173 Lipovans (2.83%), 8 others (0.13%), 216 with undeclared ethnicity (3.53%).[3]


The commune includes four villages:

2 Mai[edit]

Main article: 2 Mai

2 Mai (Romanian pronunciation: [doj maj], "May 2") is a village in the Limanu commune and a small resort on the shore of the Black Sea, between Mangalia and Vama Veche.

The village was founded by Mihail Kogălniceanu in 1887 under the name Două Mai. Its first inhabitants were Russians from Bucharest, Iași and Galați. Later Lipovans from Tulcea County and Romanians from Argeș County settled here.

The main occupation of the villagers is the agritourism, fishing, tourism and agriculture.

Vama Veche[edit]

Main article: Vama Veche

Vama Veche is a village in the Limanu commune, at 43°30′N 28°18′E / 43.500°N 28.300°E / 43.500; 28.300 (Vama Veche). In 2002, it had a population of 178.[4]

It was founded in 1811 by a few Gagauz families, originally being named "Ilanlîk". Its current name literally means "Old customs point", named so after the Southern Dobruja (or Cadrilater) had been included in Romania in 1913. In 1940, however, that region was ceded to Bulgaria, and the village has since lain once again near the border.

Titans Cave[edit]

After finishing this campaign Crassus led his troops against the cave called Ciris(Keiris/Ceiris). For the natives in great numbers had occupied this cave, which is extremely large and so capable of defence that the tradition obtains that the Titans took refuge there after their defeat suffered at the hands of the gods; and here they had brought together all their herds and their other most cherished belongings. 4 Crassus first sought out all the entrances to the cave, which are tortuous and difficult to discover, walled them up, and in this way subdued the men by famine.

-Dio Cassius LI[5]

Some historians identified the Titan cave as Limanu cave.[6]

Twin towns - Sister cities[edit]


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