Limbe, Malawi

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Limbe is located in Malawi
Location in Malawi
Coordinates: 15°49′0″S 35°3′0″E / 15.81667°S 35.05000°E / -15.81667; 35.05000Coordinates: 15°49′0″S 35°3′0″E / 15.81667°S 35.05000°E / -15.81667; 35.05000
Country  Malawi
Region Southern Region
Time zone +2
Climate Cwa

Limbe is a town in Malawi. It is located in Blantyre District. It is the operational headquarters and workshops for Malawi Railways.


Limbe is 7 miles (11 km) east of Blantyre and was founded in 1909. Blantyre Briefly merged with Limbe in 1956.[1]


The first branch of the Commercial Bank of Malawi was opened in Limbe on 11 April 1970.[2] Limbe is home to Malawi Pharmacies Limited[3] and Illovo Sugar Malawi. Limbe is the site to many of the industries in Blantyre DistrictLimbe is known for Indian (East Asian) traders but there has also been an influx of Chinese owned businesses growing in the area.[4]


Limbe has a strong Asian Malawian culture and Yao culture.


Limbe is also the headquarter of Hockey Association of Malawi (HAM).

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