Limbo (1972 film)

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Directed by Mark Robson
Starring Kate Jackson
Release date
  • November 1972 (1972-11)
Running time
112 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Limbo is a 1972 film drama directed by Mark Robson. It stars Kate Jackson, Kathleen Nolan and Katherine Justice.


Three women in Florida have husbands serving in Vietnam who are reported missing in action.

Mary Kay Beull has four children, the eldest of whom treats her with increasing hostility as she develops a friendship with Phil Garrett, a school teacher. Sharon Dornbeck is married to a soldier in the Air Force and has received a telegram reporting that he has been killed. Sandy Lawton was wed just two weeks before her lieutenant husband went off to Vietnam.

The three women travel to Paris together to attend a Vietnam peace conference. To their shock, a film is shown there depicting the atrocities committed by American soldiers against Vietnamese civilians. A horrified Mary Kay becomes an anti-war advocate, even testifying before a committee in Washington, D.C.

Proof ultimately is provided that the deaths of Mary Kay's husband and Sharon's have indeed been confirmed. Sandy's, however, is released in a weakened condition from a prisoner-of-war camp and she eagerly awaits his return home.


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