Lime Cay

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NASA Visible Color Landsat image of Port Royal Cays
with islets and shoals
Lime Key on map of 1774

Lime Cay is the main islet of the Port Royal Cays off Port Royal, Jamaica, located in the northeast of the reef.

Located 15 minutes by boat from Port Royal, it has a small beach which makes it a popular location for recreation and sunbathing. It is a regular hotspot for post-party-goers, and during holiday season (Summer and Christmas) weekends the island is often swarmed with boats, music and socialites. Lime Cay measures 380 meters northwest-southeast, and is up to 80 meters wide, measuring 2 ha in area. About half of the area is wooded, the rest is sand and coral. It has no infrastructure except for a small open building used for the preparation and selling of food. The building is located at 17°55′06.36″N 76°49′11.96″W / 17.9184333°N 76.8199889°W / 17.9184333; -76.8199889.

There is also an "oyster man" who sells oysters there on the weekends. His "backshot" sauce is renowned for its delicious, spicy flavor.

One way to get to Lime Cay is via Jet Ski from Morgans Harbour. A trip on a good ski will take 15 minutes. it is also home to many dolphins.