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Coordinates: 54°35′50″N 5°55′48″W / 54.5972°N 5.9301°W / 54.5972; -5.9301

Address 17 Ormeau Ave
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Owner MCD / Shine Productions
Capacity 750
Opened 1987
Venue Website

Limelight in Belfast, Northern Ireland is mid-sized live music and night club venue complex, which initially opened in 1987. The complex on the city's Ormeau Avenue consists of Limelight 1 & Limelight 2, as well as a bar called Katy's Bar. The outdoor terrace is called The Rock Garden.[1]

Limelight has strong associations with new bands, homegrown talent, and indie/rock/metal club nights.[2]


Indie rock band Sons and Daughters performing in 2005

Limelight nightclub and adjoining Dome bar were first opened in 1987 by Patrick Lennon who had previously owned the Harp Bar based in Hill Street, Belfast. Growing over the years it eventually took over the adjoining building which was a premises owned by a spring and airbrake business (hence the "Spring and Airbrake" venue name).[1]

In 2010 then owners, CDC Leisure, went into administration.[1] In late 2011, the Limelight complex was purchased by Irish live music promoters MCD & Shine Productions.[3] In late 2012 following a major refurbishment, the individual bars were rebranded, with the Spring and Airbrake being renamed to Limelight 1, Katy Daly's becoming Katy's Bar and the original Limelight venue becoming known as Limelight 2.[1]

Notable performances[edit]

A man plays acoustic guitar in the centre of a stage, the black back wall of which is filled with the words "Spring & Airbrake" in white lettering. A female keyboardist is behind and to the left of the man, and in the background can be seen a male bassist and a drum kit.
Sufjan Stevens performing at the Spring and Airbrake, 2005.
Green-fronted Irish pub, with "Katy Daly's" written on the hoarding above. A black-fronted door is to the right, and cars are parked on the roadway in front.
Katy Daly's in October 2010. The public entrance to The Limelight 2 is adjacent to the right.

Oasis played the venue on 4 September 1994,[4] Noel Gallagher has commented on the venue:[5]

Limelight is now part of our heritage. There was a great buzz when the owner Eamonn McCann informed me we had hit the No 1 spot that night in '94. I'll always remember this place with affection. We had a party that night and the audience joined in. That was the start of our success story.

Other bands that have performed at Limelight include


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