Limerick City (Parliament of Ireland constituency)

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Limerick City
Former constituency
for the Irish House of Commons
Former constituency
Created  ()
Abolished 1800
Replaced by Limerick City

Limerick City was a constituency represented in the Irish House of Commons until 1800.

Members of Parliament[edit]


Election First member First party Second member Second party
1692 Joseph Coghlan Sir Charles Feilding
1695 Sir Joseph Williamson
1703 Robert Blennerhassett Richard Ingoldsby
1713 Henry Ingoldsby George Roche
1715 William Foord
1727 Thomas Pearce Henry Ingoldsby
1731 Charles Smyth
1739 William Wilson
1741 Richard Maunsell
May 1761 Edmund Sexton Pery Patriot Hugh Dillon Massy[1]
1761 Charles Smyth
1776 Thomas Smyth
1785 John Prendergast Smyth
1786 Edmund Henry Pery [2]
1794 Charles Vereker
1798 Henry Deane Grady
1801 Replaced by Westminster constituency of Limerick City


  1. ^ Declared not duly elected
  2. ^ from 1790 Hon. Edmund Henry Pery