Limestone Generating Station

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Limestone Generating Station
Limestone Generating Station is located in Manitoba
Limestone Generating Station
Location of Limestone Generating Station in Manitoba
Country Canada
Location Gillam, Manitoba
Coordinates 56°30′25″N 94°6′25″W / 56.50694°N 94.10694°W / 56.50694; -94.10694Coordinates: 56°30′25″N 94°6′25″W / 56.50694°N 94.10694°W / 56.50694; -94.10694
Status Operational
Construction began 1985
Opening date 1990-1992
Construction cost C$1,430 million
Owner(s) Manitoba Hydro
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Barrage
Impounds Nelson River
Length 299 m (981 ft)
Dam volume 2,900,000 m3 (102,413,000 cu ft)
Spillway capacity 9,570 m3/s (337,960 cu ft/s)
Surface area 27.2 km2 (10.5 sq mi)
Normal elevation 85.3 m (279.9 ft)
Power station
Type Run-of-the-river
Hydraulic head 27.6 m (90.6 ft)
Turbines 10 × 134 MW;
Installed capacity 1,340 MW
Annual generation 8,500 GWh
Limestone GS

Limestone Generating Station is a run-of-the-river[1] hydroelectric dam on the Nelson River approximately 750 kilometres (470 mi) north of Winnipeg near Gillam, Manitoba. Part of the Nelson River Hydroelectric Project, Limestone was Manitoba Hydro's fifth and largest generating station to be built on the Nelson River. The station was built on the Nelson River at Long Spruce Rapids. The site is approximately 23 kilometres (14 mi) downstream of Manitoba Hydro's Long Spruce Generating Station.

Manitoba Hydro Limestone generating station entrance sign near Gillam, Manitoba.
Manitoba Hydro Limestone generating station building sign near Gillam, Manitoba.

The dam is owned and operated by Manitoba Hydro. It has ten generating units with a capacity of 1,340 megawatts and annual generation around 8.5 terawatt-hours. Although work at the site began in 1976 with a cofferdam completed in 1978, construction was suspended owing to a slowing of demand for electric power. The project resumed in 1985, with the first generating unit delivering power in 1990 and completion in 1992. Construction cost was $CDN 1.43 billion; favorable economic conditions at the time resulted in lower cost than budget.[2]

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