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Limewax performing at Therapy Sessions UK
Background information
Birth name Maxim Anokhin
Born 1988 (age 29–30)
Origin Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine
Genres Drum and bass, Hardstep, Darkstep, Skullstep, Techstep, Breakcore
Occupation(s) Producer, Composer, DJ
Years active 2005 - present
Labels L/B
Lost Soul Recordings
Position Chrome
Freak Recordings
Tech Itch
Avalanche, Sinuous
Bastard Child
Tech Freak

Maxim Anokhin (born 1988), known by his stage name Limewax is a Ukrainian drum and bass music producer and DJ from Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine. His style is described as inspired by harsher sounds of hardstep and darkstep;[1][2] however, he is most recognizable as a Skullstep artist. He has collaborated with artists such as The Panacea, Current Value, Donny, Proket, and Dylan.

Anokhin began composing music shortly after moving to Tilburg, Netherlands in 1999.[3] At the age of seventeen, he released his first EP, Changing Crisis, on high-profile label Tech Itch Recordings in 2005.[4] As a result, Anokhin became notable for emerging into the electronic music industry at a young age,[5] and quickly gained popularity leading to performances at Therapy Sessions events worldwide.


  • Selecta / Equivalent (2015, Prspct) (with Cooh)
  • Lumpeth / Various Castrations (2014, Yellow Stripe)
  • Arsch Noisyum / Dirty Hand Of Gandolf (2014, Prspct)
  • Ridget (2013, Prspct)
  • Jij / Fünf (2012, Position Chrome)
  • Empfindsamer Stil LP (2011, LB Recordings)
  • All Ends EP (2010, LB Recordings)
  • Cracking Core (Tech Itch VIP) (2009, Penetration Recordings)
  • Big Bang / Invention (2009, Freak Recordings)
  • Uncomes (Blood & Steel LP) (2009, Prspct)
  • The Remixes (2008, Lost Soul Recordings) (with SPL)
  • Kristall Weizen EP (2008, Tech Itch Recordings)
  • Perevorot (The Firm LP) (2008, Offkey Recordings) (with Proket)
  • Zombie Vs Zombie / Casino (2008, Position Chrome)
  • The Limewax EP - Part Three (2008, Lost Soul Recordings)
  • The Golden Path Remix (The First Movement) (2008, Freak MP3)
  • Everything (Dylan & Limewax VIP) (2008, Freak MP3)
  • Cracking Core (Tech Itch VIP) (VIP Remix Part I) (2008, Tech Itch Digital)
  • Romance Explosion EP (2008, Freak Recordings)
  • Tempest / Bathwater (2008, LB Recordings) (with Current Value)
  • Empire EP (2008, Position Chrome (with The Panacea)
  • Nature Of Evil / Impaler (2008, Habit Recordings)
  • Ethio (2008, Infiltrata Recordings) (with Infiltrata)
  • Last Call (Future Filth EP), (2008, Prospect Recordings)
  • Slave For Life VIP Unreleased Remix (2007, Freak MP3)
  • Share No Soul (Freak Family Drum Circle Explosion LP) (2007, Freak Recordings)
  • Strike From The Land (2007, Freak MP3)
  • The Limewax EP - Part Two (2007, Lost Soul Recordings)
  • Agent Orange / Cat And The Hat (2007, LB Recordings)
  • The Limewax EP - Part One (2007, Lost Soul Recordings)
  • Golden Path / Evolution (2007, Obscene Recordings)
  • Scars On The Horizon LP (2007, Tech Freak Recordings)
  • Cleansed By A Nightmare (2007, Bastard Child Recordings)
  • We Have Life EP (2006, Freak Recordings) (with SPL)
  • M.O.T.D / Invasion (2006, Obscene Recordings)
  • Half LB / The Way The Future (2006, Avalanche)
  • Killing Machine (Jezuz Road) (From Beyond The Grave EP) (2006, Algorythm) (with Counterstrike featuring SPL)
  • Pain (2005, Prspct)
  • The Lawra / Eyes Of Evil (2005, Freak Recordings)
  • Sure Vision (2005, Sinuous)
  • Satanina / Emato (2005, Obscene Recordings)
  • Ritual Situation / The Limit (2005, Avalanche)
  • Changing Crisis EP (2005, Tech Itch Recordings)
  • Life Of Sin Remix (2005, Penetration Records)