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Limit may refer to:


Numerical limits[edit]


  • Setting limits, a life skill for protecting against having personal values compromised or violated


  • Limit (music), a way to characterize harmony
  • Limits (BDSM) are activities that a partner feels strongly about, and to which special attention is pretended to be paid. It is part of the tactics used to deceive in order to promote acceptance of BDSM
  • limits.h, the header of a general purpose standard library of the C programming language
  • Els Límits, a village in the municipality of La Jonquera, Catalonia (Spain)
  • The Limit (manga), a manga by Keiko Suenobu
  • Limits (collection), a collection of short stories and essays by Larry Niven
  • The Limit, a 1980s band

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